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Hair Toupee For Men

Basically understanding, toupee hair refers to the thing that people use to cover the top of the head. It is known under other names thanks to its variety of options for specific baldness and hair loss situation. Hair topper, wiglet, headcover, hair system, and hair enhancer are the alternative names for this item.

If you are suffering from baldness, a toupee hair is definitely your lifesaver. As there happens to be a wide range of choices, it is not an easy task to pick a good toupee system for your own. But don’t worry! That’s why we are here. Our in-depth guide below would help you comprehend different types of toupee hair for thinning hair, tips to find the best fit, ways to apply it, and even more.

What is a toupee hair?

Signs of balding and its impact

Alopecia, commonly known as hair loss, is a popular symptom happening in both men and women. It might start with just a few strands of hair in the brush or shower drain, but after time, the problem would be more and more serious. Your once-thick hair might get much thinner, and there might happen to be receding hairline or bald spots on your scalp, also.

Such this unwanted issue is never a good thing. Not only is it a physical disease, but it also results in the loss of confidence. Baldness is also an obstacle that prevents people from achieving your life goals, from daily things like dating to significant events like applying for a job.

Rather than paying thousands of dollars for hair transplant, applying a non-surgical replacement system seems to be a much wiser choice.

Toupee hair – The must-have item for balding men

Understanding the negative influences of hair loss, you can easily acknowledge what does toupee mean to men. This hair enhancer is designed to cover bald spots and boost natural thick-looking hair. It comes in various shapes and sizes to match different alopecia stages and scalp area. Some hairpieces offer more coverage on the top of the head, while some work to hide the front or the back.

As no one is similar to the other, so there will be no one-size fit hairpiece that could suit everyone. A tailor-made toupee hair would be absolutely a better choice with the shapes, sizes, and volume specially designed for you only.

A good toupee hair would make your thinning hairline look thicker. Additionally, it won’t let anyone doubt whether you are using hair extensions. You can search for the before and after photos to see the exceptional effect that hair pieces bring about.

How to make a toupee look natural?

As Lewigs have mentioned above, it is never a piece of cake to find the best toppers for your own. It is not simply about how to put on a toupee hair. There are a lot of things to consider like hair loss condition, base types, colors, and so on.

Followings are the must-take steps that you should never ignore when consider buying a toupee hair piece.

Step 1: Determine your type of hair loss.

Well acknowledging the seriousness of hair loss you are experiencing would help significantly in picking a suitable headcover. Rather than dividing the stages by scientific proofs and words, we would differentiate hair loss condition by determining the amount of hair you have lost.

Beginning stage

It’s when you first notice your hair shedding. The loss is noticeable yet in a small amount. In this case, you will need a small-sized base only.

Progressive stage

The problems get worse when the hair could no longer diffuse the scalp. A medium-sized base is what you should consider then.

Advanced stage

When the bald spots are so visible that you cannot ignore, it means your hair loss symptom has been exceptionally serious. To conceal these spots, a large toupee hair piece is what you need. If the situation is even worse, you should consider a full wig, too.

Step 2: Measure the areas of baldness.

Use a measuring tape to determine the size of bald areas on your head. Measure from front to back and side to side to see how large the bald spot is.

Importantly, remember to add 01 inch to the measurements. This addition is to create space for the clips to be attached to your natural hair.

In case you are not so sure with your own measurement, have a friend double-check it.

Step 3: Choose the base type – Mono, Skin, or Lace Base?

Next, it’s important to take a look at how to make a toupee. There happen to be various kinds of base construction for the topper extensions. The three most popular bases are the mono, skin, and lace. Let’s take a look at what each of the bases means!

Monofilament toupee hair for short hair

Thanks to its softness and light-weight breathability, monofilament is a favorable material to make hair toupee base. The artisans would tie hair strands onto a fine mesh material which allows both light and air to pass through.

Notably, mono base system can be parted into different ways, allowing you to diversify your hair look.

Skin base hair toupee for thinning crown

For those who don’t want to risk the natural appearance of hair enhancers, skin base is the ultimate choice. It is extraordinarily thin and undetectable as it looks nothing different from your skin.

Skin base system is also the easiest to glue and clean.

Lace base system

Lace toupee hair is the first priority if you want to have both durability and realistic look. The two most popular laces are French Lace and Swiss Lace. Both are breathable, durable, and lightweight.

Step 4: Match hair color, length, type.

Hair Color

Obviously, there is no exact match for every shade. Hence, to perfectly mimic the look of a natural hairline, try to find a color that resembles your real hair the most.

Hair Length

Whether you opt for a similar style and length to your real hair or for a new hair fantasy, there are varying lengths of toupee hair available for you to choose from.

Hair Type

There exist two types of toupee hair in today’s market: one from human hair and one from synthetic fibers. A virgin toupee hair is definitely a wiser choice as it is easy to heat or style. It boasts a natural hair finish, also.

Synthetic hairpiece would be not bad an option if you choose the heat-friendly option. However, as the cost would not be much cheaper than human hair, why don’t you spend some more single dollars to get the best packages?

Where to buy a toupee hair? Best toupee hair suppliers.

In today’s digital world, you can easily get a toupee hair without stepping out of your house. Besides the renowned names like Jon Renau and Uniwigs, there also appear several online hair vendors with exquisite products for you to shop.

If you are searching for a product of outstanding quality but only have a tight budget, Lewigs is where you should head to. Here we provide quintessential human hair products at very nice prices. Whether you are a wholesaler or just an individual buyer, you will only need to pay a factory-direct price only. In other words, you will no longer need to worry about how much does a toupee cost.

Of course, we cannot run a business well with low-qualified products. All of our hair systems are tailor-made to fit you the best. By using virgin human hair, Lewigs commit to bringing our dear clients the best experience of toupee hair ever!

Final Thoughts

First stepping into the world of toupee hair for men, you might see it overwhelming. The wide ranges of types, shapes, colors, and length might make you lose your temper sometimes. Hopefully, our thoughtful guide above would somehow give you some ideas on the essentials of a toupee hair.

Do not hesitate to try it out as the outcome would never let you down.


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