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How To Defrizz A Wig: Lessons Learned The Hard Way

These days, wigs are produced for many purposes: having a great performance on the stage, dealing with serious hair loss, or trying out new hairstyles that you are not sure it looks good on your head. However, using a wig without the right care may result in some problems. One of them is frizziness. This post will show you what makes wigs frizzy, and how to defrizz a wig

What Makes A Wig Frizzy?

There are a lot of factors that make a wig frizzy. We will tell you about them soon, but first, let us show you about the wig types and how each one has the impacts on how to defrizz a wig. 

Wigs are divided into categories based on many factors, but in this post, we will take them apart by their material. In this case, we have two wig types: synthetic hair wig and human hair wig. And now we show you the secret.

How To Defrizz A Wig: Lessons Learned The Hard Way
a frizzy wig

Synthetic Hair Wig

Synthetic hair wigs, or synthetic wigs, are made from man-made polymer and plastics. They show an overall appearance of real hair through the application of specialized technology. For this reason, all of the companies warn that the users do not style the wig with heat or any other chemical process. This is also what makes synthetic wigs frizzy. 

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Human Hair Wig

Human hair wigs, or natural hair wigs, are made from hair collected from hair donors, so they look definitely like real hair. Some people think that human hair wig is in higher quality than synthetic ones as they are more expensive and made of real hair. It seems to make sense but human hair wigs require daily care to remain the natural look and weather conditions have a great impact on these products; thus resulting in frizz.

How To Defrizz A Wig?

Whether you have a synthetic wig or human hair one, there is a time that it suffers from frizz. So you wonder, how to defrizz a wig? So here we share with you 2 methods to fix a frizzy wig. 

Use Detangling Products

This is the most common way to defrizz a wig, especially synthetic ones. 

First, you place the wig on a mannequin head. If you don’t have one, use your knee, or other people’s head instead. You can defrizz a wig without stabilizing it on something but with the beginners, it may result in more frizz. 

How To Defrizz A Wig: Lessons Learned The Hard Way
use a wig detangler

You use your fingers to detangle your wig, but the process will be much more effective with the help of a white-tooth comb. Defrizz your wig gently by your hands and focus on the ends. The most important is that you need to be as gentle as possible. Remember to avoid using a fine-tooth comb too much as it may lead to increased hair static. 

Next, purchase a detangling lotion or spray. Spray a small amount of product onto an area (2.5 to 5 cm). Continue to gently comb your wig afterward. Use your fingers to solve hair knots, and then go ahead until you work all your way around your wig. 

A fabric softener is also a great alternative in case you don’t find out any spray and lotion. 

Wash Your Wig To Defrizz It

Sometimes your wig is too frizzy that the detangle products cannot work, washing it is recommended. Soak your wig in lukewarm water with a little laundry detergent. 

After gently rinsing the wig to avoid tangling, wrap it in a towel to remove excess water then place it back in the mannequin head. 

How To Defrizz A Wig: Lessons Learned The Hard Way
wash the wig to defrizz it

Wash your wig using a mixture of shampoo and hair conditioner (ratio 1:1). Remember to purchase products having a low pH and containing no sulfate. Ones used for extra-dry hair are recommended. You will see the result after letting it air-dry.

Fun fact: Sometimes you are so tired of defrizzing your wig over and over again, the problem may lie in its quality. In this case, try buying another one and Laylawigs will be a considerable choice with their high-quality hair toppers.

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The Bottom Lines,

Now you know how to defrizz a wig and what makes a wig frizzy based on the types of wigs. I know that there are many other ways to defrizz a wig, but I will leave them for the next post. 

So have a nice day and enjoy.

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