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Natural Curly Hair: 9 Tips To Embrace Your Coils!

Great ways to embrace your curls.

You have always struggled to straighten your curly hair. You use curl creams and serum to get out of the curls. However, you can’t love your natural tresses any more. It is out of your control. If you have not found the secret to managing your tresses, keep reading our tips on how to embrace natural curly hair. These hacks will help you control your head full of wild ringlets and make for a pretty good hair day.

Invest A Ceramic Flat Iron

How to get natural curly hair? We know that heat styling tools can damage natural hair, but the hair can stay healthy if we apply heat at a low level. Purchase a ceramic flat iron can straighten your hair with minimal hair damage. You can achieve natural hair curly and soft. 

Why you should choose a ceramic flat iron? Since it distributes the heat evenly throughout. You do not have to worry that it causes drying and fragile hair.

Natural Curly Hair: 9 Tips To Embrace Your Coils!
deep condition your natural hair

Deep Condition Every Week

You should condition your curly natural hair every couple of days and shampoo it once per week. This can make your hair become softer and smoother. You also get deep conditioning treatments at a local hair salon on a monthly basis, as well as frequent trims. You will see the result clearly after conditioning. 

One of the little-known secrets is that you wash your hair with cold water. Whether your hair is naturally black, ombre or curly blonde hair, rinse it under the cold water. Coldwater makes your tresses smoother and shapelier the curls well. If you shampoo with hot water, it will blow up the cuticles of the hair, making hair frizzy and dry quickly.

Use Blow Dryers

It is a good way to change a huge and frizzy mess to nice and soft curls. How can you use a blow dryer in the right way? How to dry your curls without frizz? You can let your hair air dry or attach a diffuser to your dryer and use them to blow dry. When you use your tools with a diffuser, cup some of your hair curls and hold them while drying that section. 

Natural Curly Hair: 9 Tips To Embrace Your Coils!
use blow dryer the right way

When you’ve finished drying one section, turn off the machine. Then repeat the process on the rest of your hair.

If you don’t use a diffuser, hold the blow dryer in the downward direction, in the same direction hair grows. Now you can reach natural curly hair styles as you desired.

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Brush Your Curly Hair With A Comb

You have difficulty brushing your hair every day. How to make natural black hair curly without chemicals? Often, you use your fingers instead of using a comb. However, experts recommend brushing hair for two minutes a night as it helps distribute natural oils from the scalp to hair strands. It contributes to making your tress become smoother, softer shinier, and more manageable. 

Just brush your hair before going to bed and rinse it in the morning, you can create hairstyles for natural curly hair. 

Use Proper Products To Make Natural Hair Curly

This is the next secret on how to get natural curly hair. What type of shampoo do you use to wash your short or long natural curly hair? If you usually use the first hair product you see at the hair store or drugstores, let change this habit. To keep your hair stay healthy, opt for a natural shampoo for curly hair that has a special formulation for this hair texture. Finding the best natural products is not difficult today. 

Natural Curly Hair: 9 Tips To Embrace Your Coils!
use clarifying shampoo for curly hair

How can you use hair products effectively? Often, most ladies add the product to the top of their head first but this way do weigh hair down. It is better if you apply the product in the back of your head where the hair is thicker. Then you can move and work through the sides and finally is at the top. Make sure that you apply hair care products over your head and massage them into the hair with your fingers.

Get The Right Hairstyle

There are many tips to get the right haircut for your natural hair curly. Searching on Google, you can find a thousand haircuts such as space buns, sky-high ponytail, half bun, faux ponytail, and so on. These styles work well with washed and unwashed hair and look good on every hair texture and length.

Natural Curly Hair: 9 Tips To Embrace Your Coils!
use headbands to create natural curls

Use Headbands To Create Natural Curl

For natural curly-haired girls, a headband can help them turn defects to advantages. When your hair is damp, you pull the hair back and tie it in a band. It is a great way to flatten your hair on the top. Later you can take off the band and you have a curly hairstyle as natural as possible.

Wear Curly Wig For Natural Hair

If you have no time to take care of your hair or no experience in buying hair care products, curly human hair wigs are your lifesaver. Or you can buy natural curly hair extensions clip in or hair weave to get the best look. Choose a naturally curly hair item that suits your face shape, put it on your head and you have a new hairstyle. The hair may be in short or medium or long natural hair curly, it is all up to you.

Natural Curly Hair: 9 Tips To Embrace Your Coils!
wear curly wigs

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Twist Natural Hair To Make It Curly

One more tip to make natural hair curly without chemicals, twist your natural locks. If you have straight hair and would like to change, apply this method. First section off a little piece at the bottom. The tighter the curls, the smaller the section. You can also add curl energizing cream on your hair. Then spray water. Now you twist the hair section. Make a light twist to get natural curly hair. So if you have trouble with your hair with frizz, or with it lasting all day, this is a great way. 

Natural Curly Hair: 9 Tips To Embrace Your Coils!
Twisted dreadlocks for women

If you want to play around with your hair and make it fuller, make the curls a little bit bigger. It means you take larger hair sections. When you have finished, you could air dry the hair or diffuse it. 

In Conclusion

Now that you have already scan through about secrets to style natural curly hair. If you know how to treat your hair, you can live happily with it. Laylawigs hopes that you can find your own tips to reach your favorite hairstyle. Natural curly hair with highlights is also a good way to turn your hair defects into advantages. Make yourself stand out from the crowd, girls!

Interested in wigs or any human hairpieces? Drop us via hotline or email at any time to get support. 

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