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Cristiano Ronaldo Hair: Simple Yet Exceptionally Aesthetic!

Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous soccer player who no one doesn’t know, even some are not sports or soccer lovers. He becomes a legend in our era, undoubtedly, for not only his successful career in the field but also for small things in life which many men may search for such as Cristiano Ronaldo Hair cutting. Below is the basic information of him, which gives people an overview of his life, his styles and success.

Cristiano Ronaldo Life

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on Feb 5th, 1985. He is the youngest child in the family of 4 kids. Ronaldo has one older brother and two older sisters. They had been share a room with all his siblings while growing up. Before getting onto the smooth path to soccer, he was dismissed from school because of throwing a chair to his teacher.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hair: Simple Yet Exceptionally Aesthetic!
Cristiano Ronaldo – a legendary soccer player

From that time, he stopped going to school and focus on his soccer career. He joined an amateur team, Andorinha when he was 8 years old before starting his career at Sporting CP.

Cristiano Ronaldo soccer career

Sporting CP (2002–2003)

When Ronaldo was at 16 years old, he played for the youth team of Sporting CP. He played at all levels (under-16, under-17, under-18, B-team and first team in one season). His time in Sporting CP stood a chance for him to play against some famous team in England such as Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester United.

Manchester United (2003–2009)

Ronaldo was recruited by Sir Alex Ferguson to Manchester United after managing made impression to this coach in a 2003 UEFA Champions League. Ronaldo’s time in Manchester United team was remarkable, he led the team to win 3 league titles. And he scored 84 goals for 196 games when he in the club.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hair: Simple Yet Exceptionally Aesthetic!
Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United and Real Madrid

Real Madrid (2009–2018)

In 2009, Real Madrid paid $133 million for his joining, making Ronaldo become of the most expensive soccer player. He scored 33 goals in his first season and 40 goals in the next one. The later achievement was a league record that played an important role in the winning of Real Madrid at Copa Del Rey.

2012 was another remarkable time in Ronaldo’s life when he scored 60 goals, making Real Madrid easily enter the Spanish League title, followed by his 51 goals, leading to the winning of Real Madrid at UEFA Champions League title.

Juventus (2018–present)

Ronaldo joined Juventus in 2018 with a contract worth $117 million in for years.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Lifestyle


Ronaldo’s fame even goes far beyond his soccer achievement. He has become a fashion icon, making many clothing and fragrance designers seek after him. He admitted that he is a man who looks after his looks and popularity through the media and he tries to draw people’s total attention to his lifestyle and fashion. Plus, rather than following trends, he set them on his own.

In 2013, Ronaldo set up his own collection of high-end socks and men underwear. He launched his own line called the Luxury Collection CR7. He cooperates with Richard Chai, a New York designer, to merge his high-end products with modern international design. The cooperation was instantly successful.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hair: Simple Yet Exceptionally Aesthetic!
Ronaldo is also a famous fashion icon

In 2014, Ronaldo broadens his line to embrace premium shirts and shoes. The New York designer said of the line: “The CR& Shirt collection has a nod to tradition in its premium finishing, but the details, materials, and construction of the shirt is far more fashion-forward, in line with Ronaldo’s personal style.”

Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo also opened his own collection of fragrances, starting Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy.

Famous Brand Ambassador

There is no doubt that Ronaldo’s fame has to lead him to become the top people who are sought after by famous brands. Nearly a third of his revenue is from endorsements and sponsorship.


Ronaldo’s fame is unlimited. He owns over 200 millions followers on SNS such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, leading to his being top 3 of celebrity and the only athlete pass over 200 million followers.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hair: Simple Yet Exceptionally Aesthetic!
Ronaldo as a brand ambassador


Having different viewpoints from other professional athletes, Cristiano Ronaldo achieves benefits from not only sport but his own social media presence as well. He himself can boost his lines and his teams, he can also get rid of fake “official” and unofficial pages which annoy many other famous people or athletes.

Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut

The Cristiano Ronaldo haircut plays a role in draw attention from the public. Not only is he a world-class soccer player, but his style, fashion, and even haircut have always been top-notch as well. Each of Cristiano Ronaldo hair style become famous among men’s hair trend, from his early frosted tip hair to his faux hawk

Cristiano Ronaldo hair style:

Short Simple Cristiano Ronaldo hair cutting

This haircut is the shortest and simplest style of Cristiano Ronaldo, among his well-trimmed hair. However, it is still a trend for men and this perfect haircut is ideal for summertime.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hair: Simple Yet Exceptionally Aesthetic!
Short Simple Cristiano Ronaldo hair

Comb over with part style

If someone recommends you a famous Cristiano Ronaldo hair style, they may mention the comb-over first since we can often see Ronaldo with this haircut. Comb over with thick part downside matching perfect with an undercut is how this style looks like

Cristiano Ronaldo blonde hair Highlight

You may some spot Ronaldo with a few frosty highlights across his dark-based hair. This is a great idea for a man to go edge but not end up with being too flashy. You can replace blond by light brown if you do not want your hairstyle to be so striking.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hair: Simple Yet Exceptionally Aesthetic!
Cristiano Ronaldo blonde hair Highlight

Cristiano Ronaldo hair with layered style.

Layered hairstyle is one of the most common Rolando hair all the time. Anytime you see him in a new haircut, you will spot that this is filled with layers, making all styles look cooler and more handsome

Slicked back with blond highlights, and short sides

Slicked back hairstyle is favorite Cristiano Ronaldo hair cutting since you can see him with this style whether on the field or in a formal event. Depending on the situation, this Slicked back style can look edgier with blond highlights on top with some gel added

Cristiano Ronaldo long hair with wavy locks and pinstripe

Sound complicated but this Ronaldo new hair style is simpler than you assumed. We know it seems not easy to style this one at first since it combines both well-planned looks with careless ones, but you can make use of the wavy locks to make it easier to style.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hair: Simple Yet Exceptionally Aesthetic!
The 90s Look of Cristiano Ronaldo

The 90s Look

If you want a nostalgic and classical look, traceback Ronaldo haircut from 10 or more than 10-year ago. Although he styled his hair with some Messy Waves in Blonde Strands and Highlights in the early 200s, we believe it used to be a hot trend in the 90s.

The Faux Hawk

When mentioning Cristiano Ronaldo hair, it will be a mistake if we do not name the Faux Hawk. We all know aware that how a full mohawk looks like but this style may not be the most proper haircut for gentlemen. However, there is an ideal alternative. The faux hawk is a remaking of the standard mohawk, externally wholly stripping the sides or maintaining the hawk section in the end.

Cristiano Ronaldo curly hair tips

What if your hair is about 2 inches long? Hence, if you are always inspired by Ronaldo haircut, you should try out this one, especially when you own thick and curly hair. And the 2-inches length is perfect for curling the tips and leaving the base well-trimmed.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hair: Simple Yet Exceptionally Aesthetic!
The Line-Up Hairstyle

The Line-Up Hairstyle

If you want to show off all your perfect features, a line-up hair cut is for you. In detail, this style involves a 90-degree angle at your temples, making a sharp look. Then you can style it with a part comb over as you desire.

Messy Spikes

In spite of the fact that currently, Cristiano Ronaldo has fewer interests in hair spikes, you can look at the photo from a few years ago, that style is not out-of-date. It can soon come back as a hot trend, and it perfect for those who are with sharp jawlines.

In short, Cristiano Ronaldo hair style will never lay low but continuing to trend along with his career prospects.

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How to get Ronaldo hairstyles?

First, you can easily get your favorites among Ronaldo hairstyles by going to a professional hair salon.

However, if you have some problem with your hair such as not-enough-long hair, hair thinning, or hair loss. You can look for hair replacement such as hair toppers or toupees, providing your hair with full of characteristics to style.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hair: Simple Yet Exceptionally Aesthetic!
how to get Cristiano Ronaldo hair

If you want to find a reliable place to get perfect hair toupee or topper, take a look at Laylawigs website. Here, we provide you the greatest high-quality hair toupee and topper constructed ]with 100% Cambodia and Vietnamese human hair, which are long-lasting and natural-looking. What is more, you will get expert advice from our 24/7 service team. Therefore, do not hesitate to leave us a word anytime you need help.

The bottom line

Cristiano Ronaldo is not only a first rank soccer player or athletes in the world but also an influencer to the public. What he has achieved makes people admire and look up to him. Every aspect of his life such as lifestyles, fashion or even Cristiano Ronaldo hair, becoming a standard for many men over the world.

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