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David Beckham Hair: The Secret Of The World’s Most Aesthetic Man

Famous boy bands and girl bands such as Spice Girls, Westlife, etc. made a golden era of England in the 90s. But it would be flawed if not mentioning David Beckham – a legendary footballer. Not only a football superstar, but he is also a husband, an exemplary father. Our topic today is also related to the famous player, but it is not his career, his family, it is David Beckham hair. Scan through our post to know David Beckham hairstyle and how to cut your hair like him.

About David Beckham

David Beckham was born in May 1975, in England. He was an English footballer played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, and other clubs. In 2004, Beckham was the highest-paid player in the world with an annual wage of £5.2 million. In his career, Beckham has twice been voted the World’s Player of the Year award. What’s more, he was also the leader of the English national team for 6 years, from 2000 to 2006. Still, he made public plans to retire in 2013. 

David Beckham Hair: The Secret Of The World's Most Aesthetic Man
David Beckham

Beckham has a successful career, he also has a happy family. He met his wife – Victoria Adams in 1997 and they quickly fell in love. Victoria is known as a member of the Spice Girls. Their marriage attracted great media attention at that time. A lavish $800,000 wedding was held at a castle outside of Dublin, Ireland. And now, the couple has 4 children. 

Outside of football, Beckham also created his own brand of clothing and hairstyles. He has become a fashion icon, the most marketable man in the world. 

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David Beckham Hair 

Since becoming a professional player, David Beckham has made his female fans loved by his handsome and masculine appearance. Men also took him as their idol and stylish model.

His hairstyles have sometimes become popular men’s haircuts around the world. In the past, David Beckham impressed with many hairdos such as horse mane Mohawk, romantic long hair, braids, buns, and so on. David Beckham short hair has been worn for many years, and the hair slicked back is his favorite hairstyle. Each hairstyle requires exact hair length. For example, he has short hair to get a buzz cut style and braids need long hair strands. 

In the year of 90s, David Beckham natural hair color was chestnut brown. He just cut his hair. Then, his hairstyle changed when he became famous and started dating Victoria. he bleached his natural locks and got blonde highlights. His hair color also contributed making him become an interest for fangirls.

There is a big difference between a boy in his early twenties and a father of four children. At his age of forties, Becks loves his natural hair color. It is the reason why his current hair is brown. He wears a well-groomed beard and haircut all the time. We can’t deny the fact that Becks is a great source of inspiration for all men in the world over!

David Beckham Hair: The Secret Of The World's Most Aesthetic Man
David Beckham hair

David Beckham Hair Loss

In 2018, his thin hair made many people thought that Becks was baldness. There have many rumors about the celeb’s hair. Some say that he has hair loss like other men. Dr. Asim Shahmalak, from the Crown Clinic, said that looking at the picture of Becks, he has baldness in the middle and back of his head. Still, it may be due to the light. Or we cannot rule out the possibility that David Beckham had a hair transplant. 

In 2017, he was rumored to have a hair transplant hide pattern baldness. However, it is still not clear whether it is true. Reply to David Beckham hair transplant rumor, his representative said that “This was a private matter whether it is false or not.”

While others claim that he isn’t bald, he has never been bald. He has always appeared in front of cameras with a thick set of hair on his head. 

David Beckham Hair Styles

Slicked back hair

David Beckham Hair: The Secret Of The World's Most Aesthetic Man
David Beckham slicked back hair

You are no stranger to wearing a suit combine with this hairstyle. He looks masculine. This sporting hairstyle definitely adds an elegant and dapper touch for the player’s appearance. Rocking it, the football star looks more modern as well. To nail the look for himself, his hairstylist blow-dry his hair to add more hair volume. Applying pomade to complete this haircut. 

David Beckham hair short

David Beckham Hair: The Secret Of The World's Most Aesthetic Man
David Beckham short hair

Many famous hairstylists say that Beckham often favors rugged yet sophisticated haircuts. You can see that he usually choose short hairstyles. Most of his styles are well-groomed and on-trend to get the best look. His hair comes in different styles, ranges from a buzz cut to undercut, and further. So, to get David Beckham short hair styles, we recommend going to your hair salon for getting trims and styling with high-quality styling products. 

Faux Hawk haircut

David Beckham Hair: The Secret Of The World's Most Aesthetic Man
Beckham’s faux hawk haircut

In his younger years, Becks rocked with this hair. It was a signature and also one of his best looks. Now, it continues to inspire many men and hairstylists to this day. It can stun other people with this sassy and youthful style. Blow-dry the hair to pull it up and back, increasing the hair volume. What does David Beckham use in his hair? He kept his top hair short and then turn higher with spikes by some products such as gel, pomade, etc.

David Beckham long hair

David Beckham Hair: The Secret Of The World's Most Aesthetic Man
David Beckham long hair

His facial shape suits most of the hairdos. He also rocks length mane that makes him look romantic. Furthermore, his long hair is flexible and fashionable. To maintain his sleek style at a longer length, the football star tries to keep everything neat and healthy.

Besides, Becks tried wearing other haircuts such as cornrows, Mohawk, man bun, Pompadour, bleached hair, and so on. You can try wearing his headband hairstyle. David Beckham hairband is another choice if you love long hair. It also does not annoy if you are in the game as the headband can keep the strands out of your face. 

How to Get David Beckham Hair

You are a big fan of the legendary footballer, you want to get his hair cut. How to style your hair like David Beckham? Take a look at our hair tutorial to get a hairstyle like your idol. 

To create Beck’s signature hair, you should have mid-long hair. This hairstyle is not too short and it does not look rigid. Start with your damp and towel-dried hair. Then comb the hair from the front to the back of your head.

Use the palm of your hand to gently push the hair forward. Continue to push the strands from your crown until the hair begins to naturally part at the hairline. 

David Beckham Hair: The Secret Of The World's Most Aesthetic Man
how to style hair like David Beckham

Next, divide the hair into 2 sections, one left and the other right. Then, put the styling product equally on your hair. Use a hairdryer to blow-dry two separated hair sections. Bear in mind that you hold the tool facing down. 

We don’t know what exact products David Beckham uses on his hair, but you can apply your favorite pomade, gel, or clay to keep your hairstyle. It is all up to you. For instance, if you have got thinner manageable hair, apply a light texture clay on strands. Or use thicker clay if your tresses need a little more control.

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David Beckham hair deserves your appreciation

David Beckham is a famous person about both his career views and appearance, especially David Beckham hair. Tons of his hairstyles are the weapon to attract his fans, both women and men over the world. From short to long, from the undercut to messy, it blends perfectly with his facial shape. The question “does Becks has baldness?” or “is Becks’ hair a toupee?” is also a mystery that everyone wants to answer. So, hope that after the post you will understand more about the famous hair of the famous player. Moreover, whether he has baldness or not, his fans always love him. Why he had a hair transplant, it is because he wants to have the best images when appearing.

David Beckham Hair: The Secret Of The World's Most Aesthetic Man
use hair toupee to get Beckham hair

Even David Beckham is bald or not when you are suffering from a bad time with the male baldness pattern, using human hair toupees. Opt for this hairpiece, you can get David Beckham new hairstyle. You are on the market to find a trustworthy hair vendor, Laylawigs is not your bad choice. Our hair toupees are the best and fastest way to help you get the perfect look as Beckham hair look. Whatever type of real human hairpiece you need, we will supply you with the best quality at cheap prices. Our hair is completely safe to wear, no cause scalp irritation. We use raw hair, no synthetic fibers, so you can style the hair like the legendary footballer’s hairstyles. If in doubt, you can visit our website to view more about our hair replacement systems. 

Do not hesitate to contact Laylawigs. We could customize the toupee to your exact requirements. We promise to offer you the most realistic Beckham-like hair look ever. 

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