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Donald Trump Toupee: Rumors Have Been All Around!

Trump says it's his real hair, but no one trusts him.

Donald Trump’s hair has become a hot topic that many people are interested in. Even his hair was also a heated debate long before becoming for the U.S. President. Some believe that he is wearing a toupee to cover up his baldness, but he has denied it. Whether Trump toupee is real or faux is still a mystery. This following article will show you know more about U.S. President’s hair.

Donald Trump’s Hair

Donald Trump was a businessman and television personality before becoming the leader of America. He is known for his huge property that exceeds millions of US dollars. However, as notorious as his Tower Buildings and assets are, people love to talk about his hair even more. A hot topic that has been all around for years is whether Trump wears a toupee.

Donald Trump Toupee: Rumors Have Been All Around! | Lewigs
Trump revealed his thinning hair at Mar-a-Lago visit

There are many rumors that Trump wearing a hair replacement system. Even some newspapers give evidence about Trump without toupee. In Mar-a-Lago visit recently, Mr.Trump lifts his hat and reveals his significantly thinning hair. Some users comment in a funny way that the president “forgot” that he is “not wearing his toupee”. So does Trump wear a toupee?

Dr. Harold Bornstein, who treated the property tycoon for over 30 years, said that “Mr. Trump has all his hair”. Moreover, the president is taking drugs containing finasteride for anti-alopecia, the doctor revealed. 

Ivanka Trump, the American leader’s daughter, used to say that the president was still bald after anti-alopecia treatment but he did not wear a hairpiece. It was own his hair. He only had hair on both sides and front. Therefore, to cover the top of his head, he combed his hair and styled it with gel.

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Is Donald Trump toupee real? 

The Americans always pay attention to the yellow hair color of the president and say that he is wearing a lace hair touee. However, he has repeatedly denied this rumor.

Before becoming the leader of America, the billionaire Trump agreed to let the MC toss his hair in front of the television audiences. Specifically, he took part in The Tonight Show in September 2015. MC Jimmy Fallon told that he wanted to do something with the Republican candidate when both were ordinary people. Mr.Jimmy said that “Can I rub your hair?”. At first, Mr. Trump seemed hesitant, but he agreed later. “My answer is yes”, he agreed. 

Donald Trump Toupee: Rumors Have Been All Around! | Lewigs
Trump let the MC touch his hair at Tonight Show

This is not the first time Mr. Trump’s hair become a hot topic in most conversations. He once randomly selected a female audience to touch his hair to prove that his hair was 100% natural. “You’re going to have to do an inspection”, Mr. Trump told the woman. However, even when this woman has agreed that his hair is real, people still don’t believe them. Netizens keep claiming he’s wearing a human hair piece, no matter what Trump and others try to prove.

One more time, in the interview with the Rolling Stone magazine, Mr. Trump shared that in order to have his hairstyle, he had to brush his hair forward, then throw it back with gel. “I wash my hair and let it dry. It takes about an hour, and I read newspapers or do other things at that time. Then I will brush my hair”, he said.

Photos Of Trump Hair Toupee In High Wind

If you are a big fan of President Donald Trump, you must have seen some images of his tresses flying in the wind. His hair is very significantly thin. These images make you feel like Donald Trump toupee flies off. The most famous picture of Trump’s hair was taken when he was climbing to Air Force One and being attached by a blustery wind. The wind revealed the president’s bald hair – a large hairless area at the back of his head. 

Donald Trump Toupee: Rumors Have Been All Around! | Lewigs
Trump’s fake hair flies off

A hair transplant surgeon used to speculate that Trump had hair transplantation. While another person claimed that Trump’s hair was not his own and he used to cost tens of thousands of dollars for installation and preserve. 

What is the color of Trump’s hair?

One more question that people all over the world question is that what is the actual color of the president’s hair? It is gold, yellow or blonde. Who knows?  

Many people say that Trump’s hair is actually white. It may be true because you can see the parts around his edges that did not quite get colored properly. His daughter – Ivanka Trump revealed that his hair color is orange blonde. And this is the result of his impatience when having his hair styled. It seems like the President of the most powerful nation in the world loves to take care of his hair himself, and it turns out to be anything good.

Donald Trump Toupee: Rumors Have Been All Around! | Lewigs
whether Trump wears a toupee is still a doubt that has no final answer

Amy Lasch, who had taken care of Trump’s appearance, especially his hair, used the word “disaster” when mentioning to Trump’s hair color. “It’s uneven, it’s just the color on the top of the head and the lower parts are hairless”, she said. He used a lot of hair spray to make his “brand hairstyle”. And Amy also refused the rumors Trump toupee or he used to have hair transplantation.

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Final Thoughts

If you concern about the information of the leader of the United States, Laylawigs hopes this post will help you understand more about him, especially Trump’s hair. If you wonder he is wearing a hair replacement system, we think you have your own answer now.

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