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Does Donald Trump’s Hair Real Or Fake?

Doubts have been all around.

According to a survey by Gawker news agency, the billionaire and U.S. President – Donald Trump spent $ 60,000 to transplant silver hair and lost an additional $ 3,000 per month to care for this hair. Therefore, there are a lot of people asking why he has to spend a lot of money on that “unusual” hairstyle. Or is he wearing a hair toupee? The following post will let you know more about Donald Trump hair piece.

Donald Trump Hair Piece

Donald Trump is a famous real estate tycoon with assets of about 4 billion USD. This American President always likes to trim and shine outside when appearing much on American television. But, Mr. Trump does not spend his interest in his hair, even Mr. Trump’s hairstyle which has “origin” since the 1980s. These factors explain why many people always focus on Donald Trump hair piece and inquisitive about problems about his hair.

Donald Trump – The President of the USA

Furthermore, the hair of New York’s billionaire Donald Trump used to be a hot topic of great interest, before he officially became a US president. Do you think Donald Trump wears a hair piece? Here’s the truth!

Does Donald Trump wear a hair piece?

If you have a chance to watch a video of New York Magazine on the internet which recorded the scene of the US president preparing to take up Air Force One at Andrews airbase to fly to the state of Flordia on February 2. The video has attracted more than 3 million views on YouTube just after a few days appearing on the internet.

The video showed Mr. Trump going to the airport in the middle of a big wind without wearing a familiar cap. When he stepped up the stairs, the strong wind blew and making the sparse hair behind his head thrown back. A large bald spot appeared, thus making people wonder if Trump’s hair is his real hair.

Donald Trump Hair Piece - Does Trump's Hair Real Or Fake?
Trump’s hair looks like a fake one

After the video, a lot of people commented on their social networks such as Twitter or Facebook about Donald Trump mono hair toupee or Donald Trump hair piece. So, in order to answer the best concerning of plenty of people, in August 2015, he invited a woman in the crowd at one of his events to yank on his hair.

“I don’t wear a toupee — it’s my hair,” Trump said.

Donald Trump without hair toupee

The blonde hair of the 71-year-old US president has long been a satirical subject and intriguing public opinion. During the 2016 election, together with Hillary Clinton, Trump was one of the two most potential candidates for the most powerful position in US politics. Donald Trump always received huge attention from both US citizens and people all over the world.

Donald Trump Hair Piece
Bald spots on Trump’s head are noticeable

People not only judge the politic path of a candidate but also care about their appearance. At this time, because there were so many people claiming Trump’s hair was fake, he had to let the host Jimmy Fallon check his hair for the first time on a TV show.

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Stylist’s explanation

Perhaps because of this, Donald Trump hair piece at the time became a nuisance for 52-year-old Amy Lasch, who had looked after Mr. Trump’s appearance, especially his hair, when he aired on television. “I’m feeling unhappy that he doesn’t change his hairstyle,” said Amy.

Amy Lasch revealed, “Trump’s golden curls are 100% real”. In other words, she wanted to prove that the rumor about Trump wearing a mens wig every time he appeared in front of the crowd is wrong. Also, Amy said that she had time to work with Mr. Trump during the first season of the reality show The Apprentice, and this is when she discovered what many people didn’t know about Trump’s hair. “I can only use a large comb to brush through his bangs, it is very hard and flat because he uses too many gel strokes every day to keep it.”

Donald Trump Hair Piece - Does Trump's Hair Real Or Fake?
Trump has proved his hair is real, but rumors have still been around

Amy said: “His hair is very long and is often combed straight back, he did this by himself. When I looked behind his hair, I was sure it wasn’t cut by hairdresser because it is cut in a straight line.”

Besides even the hairdresser for Mr. Trump also used the “disaster” words when it comes to his hair color. “It’s uneven, it’s just the color on the top of the head and the lower parts are completely zero”. Amy said she is not completely responsible for styling Donald Trump’s hair. The president will do this task himself before going to the studio. Amy’s job is simply to give him a hint and make a suggestion. After that, Trump will fix it all by himself.

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In addition, Donald Trump is really afraid of baldness. After one monthly health check, the doctor said Trump had taken anti-hair loss pills to keep the loose hair on his head. Therefore, in the book controversial “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”, author Michael Wolff said Ivanka often teased about her father tried slicked bangs of his hair. Rumors also say Trump has taken a hair transplant surgery to remove bald spots on his head.

To Sum Up

Donald Trump is a famous person about both his political views and appearance, especially his hair. The question “is Donald Trump’s hair a toupee?” is also a mystery that everyone wants to answer. So, hope that after the post you will understand more about the famous hair of the US president.

Donald Trump Hair Piece - Does Trump's Hair Real Or Fake?
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