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How Much Is A Toupee?

How much should you invest in a hair toupee?

The reasons for switching up your hair’s appearance are as varied as the reason your hair is thinning every day. If you don’t want to let nature take its course, there are many ways you can do, like a toupee. So, how much is a toupee? It depends on you and the features of the hairpiece.

Wearing hair toupee nowadays is an excellent option for everyone. The number of men and women wearing toupees increased significantly. With highlight features, the wearers can color, curl or even bleach the human hair toupee without damaging the natural hair.

Toupee Definition

Before knowing how much do a toupee cost, you’re better to learn what is a toupee first. In general, it is made from a wide range of different materials. Some hairpieces are made of synthetic materials, such as plastic or nylon while others are made with 100% real human hair. In Laylawigs, we commit to manufacture with Remy human hair only. 

How Much Is A Toupee? | Lewigs
hair toupee for men

A toupee that is made from human hair can last up to 3 years. And the maximum life can be longer if you store and care for it well. With top-notch topper extensions from Laylawigs, you will definitely satisfy when wearing it. Hair toupee for men has a remarkable texture and enable you to conceal your baldness with perfect-and-natural looking.

When the wearer buys a hair system, one of the biggest concerns of him or her is that how they look when wearing it and how much is a good toupee. Don’t worry! The mono hair toupee at Laylawigs will bring you a realistic appearance at a friendly cost.

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How Much Is A Toupee? 

There are many criteria to determine the price of hair toupee such as material, quality, how to make, and so on. 

Human Hair Toupee Cost

A human hair toupee has a natural look and feel. It has a longer life expectancy than synthetic hair pieces. The wearer also has more options for coloring, styling the hair system as your existing hair. 

For human hair, it can last for months if you keep and care it carefully. The toupee is unharmful for your scalp. It is durable and able to attach to your head securely. If you suffer from a medical condition that has caused hair loss, such as alopecia or are undergoing chemotherapy treatments, human hair toupee is the best choice for you.

You get what you pay for | Lewigs Human Hair
human hair toupee is of a high cost but it’s worth investing

So, how much is it to get a toupee?

Of course, it is more expensive than their synthetic counterpart. It is crafted by skilled craftsmen and maintenance is labor-intensive.

In the market, the cost of human hair toupees may range from $100 to $2.000. Don’t worry! Visit Laylawigs and we will bring you a realistic appearance at a friendly cost. We also offer you the best topper hair piece with 130% and 150% density or give you a perfect thickness and fullness without waiting many years for hair to grow.

Virgin hair piece

Virgin hair that is collected from a single donor is the most precious and expensive. All the cuticles are running in the same direction from root to tip like your natural hair, so it is no tangle. Every virgin hair system is going to match in colors, as well as the texture of your hair. This hair piece is also very high quality. and gives a very beautiful, shiny appearance. Virgin hair is some of the most expensive hair but it lasts longer than any other type. With virgin human hair, you will get a real 100% human hair high-quality extensions.

How Much Is A Toupee? | Lewigs
styled hair toupee will be more expensive

Moreover, there are 2 other common types of human hair in the market, they are Remy and Non-Remy hair. Remy hair is collected in a method in which all hair cuticles stay aligned in one direction as it grew. This can maintain the natural texture pattern and eliminate tangling problems.

While Non-Remy hair is coming from various donors, from hair brushes and hair that has fallen on the floor. All the strands are going in different directions. Because of the method of collection, the hair tends to be matting or tangling. Usually, Remy hair is more expensive than Non-Remy hair. 

In summary, human hair toupee may cost a big amount of money, but it is worth because you can get self-confidence back with a thick and natural hairpiece.

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Synthetic Hair Cost

While synthetic hair toupee is less expensive and easy to care for. It also holds their style very well despite being affected by washing, brushing or weather factors. However, this type of hair piece can be damaged by heat when you style. It also can’t be colored and not as natural as human hair toupee. A good quality synthetic system can last from 3 to 6 months of regular use. 

How Much Is A Toupee? | Lewigs
synthetic hair toupee is cheaper but it’s not as good as a human hair one

How much is a hair toupee? The cost of synthetic hair is variable, ideal for anyone who wants a change their style without having to break the bank. This type is usually already styled at the time of purchase, so it helps you save money and time as well.

The Bottom Line

Laylawigs hope that the post brings to you everything about how much is a toupee. Consider carefully before deciding which hair to buy: human hair or synthetic hair. If I were you, I would choose human hair. I know the hair of 100% real hair is quite higher, but it is worth investing. Its features will answer all. Both durability, naturalness, and high quality are in human hair. 

How Much Is A Toupee? | Lewigs
human hair toupee from Laylawigs

If you are looking for a human hair topper extension, visit Laylawigs. We say no with synthetic hair and guarantee that it will blend perfectly into your existing hair anywhere. We commit to selling only 100% human hair.

Laylawigs is one of the most reputable wholesale human hair systems in Vietnam. Our hair extension products are very safe to wear. At an affordable price, you can find a good hairpiece for your own.

Interested in getting the best human hair toupee? Visit our website. We have a wide range of human hair extensions to offer!

You can also contact us directly via our email: info@laylawigs.com or hotline (+84) 982 614 486 (Mobile/WhatsApp/Viber). Laylawigs are always more than happy to support!

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