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What Is Mono Hair Topper?

The good, the bad, and the ugly about mono hair topper.

Nowadays, the wearer uses a hair topper extension, mono hair topper, and crown topper wig to lengthen their existing hair and change the external appearance. Even the hair extension is used to conceal the thinning hair and baldness spots.

Many celebrities also wear hair toppers to switch up their hairstyles. You can easily see that their hair was short and black yesterday but long and blonde color today. It is thanks to the outstanding benefit of wigs.

There are more and more people suffering balding although they are young, so the use of monofilament human hair topper has become rather common. As one of the most trustworthy hair vendors, Laylawigs only supplies you amazing and high-quality mono hair topper. 

The monofilament human hair topper is superior as it is ventilated and seamless. Moreover, the well-ventilated mono net base is flexible to contour and looks as natural as can be. Mono bases are undetectable, unlike other bases.

The aim of wearing hair toppers is to conceal the hair loss, so the match between your natural hair and the hairpieces is very importance. Therefore, whatever your hairstyles, you can always find suitable wigs in Laylawigs. We are sure that they will match your existing hair perfectly.

What Is Monofilament?

There are different base materials of hair topper such as lace, skin, monofilament base and poly thin skin (PU). Because monofilament base is one of the most favorite base materials of the wig, we completely recommend you using it.

Mono Hair Topper - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!
monofilament lace

You can feel pleased with monofilament toppers human hair from Laylawigs because its durability doesn’t let you down. Compare to the lace base, the mono one is firmer and more durable.

A monofilament topper is completely undetectable, has 100% natural human hair, and brings realistic front hairline. Hence, it is hard to realize that whether you wearing the extension or not. 

Laylawigs always makes efforts to create a natural hairline of our hair toppers with clips. We can customize the toppers to any base size, hair color, density, and length. 

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Why You Should Choose A Monofilament Base Hair Topper?

Some wig and hair topper wearers want durability more than undetectable look. For such customers, the monofilament base is the perfect option. It is a good base choice for a higher-density system. 


This mono hair topper is stiffer, much tighter than the lace base and holds its shape very well. The strength of this wig means it can have a heavy density, ranging from 50% to 180%. If you like full and thick hair, let choose it. 

Mono Hair Topper - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!
mono lace is durable


Individual strands of hair are tied to a fine mesh material that allows both light and air to pass through. It allows you to change the part as you like for the great style, which can give you a natural look.

Moreover, the mono can mimic the look of natural hair growth and provide hair parting for the greatest versatility in styling. 


The hair topper monofilament top is soft and very comfortable to wear, hence,  it will not irritate your head. It can be the best choice for girls with a sensitive scalp.

High-quality Material

Laylawigs says no with synthetic hair so you don’t need to worry about our hair toppers’ quality. We use 100% Remy human hair and virgin human hair to create your wig. 

Mono Hair Topper - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!
it’s easy to use

Free To Use

This mono is one of the most common clips on hair toppers in Laylawigs Company. All clips can place in a rational way around your head helping flat your hair toppers securely. Therefore, you can feel comfortable to sleep, shower, even swim with the hairpiece.

Friendly Price

You can purchase a mono hair topper with affordable cost instead of an expensive full wig. Both of them are useful to conceal your thinning hair and baldness spots but consider carefully before making a decision.

View some of our highlighted mono toppers:

Disadvantages Of Mono Base 

Monofilament is comfortable but bears in mind that it is not breathable like lace base. So it could make you sweat in the hot summer.

Mono Hair Topper - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!
mono lace is stiffer than French lace and Swiss lace

As I mentioned above, the color range of mono toppers is more limited.

You can find further information about monofilament integrated human hair women’s topper on the Internet to have the best product for your hair.

Ventilation Technique On A Mono Hair Topper

Mono top hair toppers are growing in popularity because the ventilation technique allows different directional parting without worrying about visible knots. It can provide the most realistic scalp.

With the hand-knot ventilation technique, the skilled craftsman would spend hours manually tying individual strands of hair fibers to a soft mesh cap. Depending on the maker’s experience, the process can take up to 3 days to finish.

single split knots

The benefit of this technique is that it provides the most natural hair movement, giving you the freedom to style hair. Because of having no seams and wefts, hand-tied mono toppers are incredibly soft and lightweight, keeping your head clean and ventilated all day.  

V-looped and injected ventilation techniques are not suitable to make monofilament hair toppers. This is the popular method to ventilate hair on skin bases. 

Mono Base Human Hair Topper From Laylawigs

Laylawigs is proud of being one of the most reliable human hair vendors in Vietnam specializing in human hair topper and monofilament hair toppers.

You won’t have to worry about the quality and life expectancy of the wig because we guarantee that all our hairpieces are made of 100% human hair collected from Vietnamese and Cambodian healthy donors. That’s why you cannot find any synthetic hair in our company.

mono hair topper from Laylawigs

Besides mono hair topper, we have a variety of hair accessories and products that will satisfy your every demand. 

That’s all we can talk about our human hair topper. Read topper reviews on the Internet and come to Laylawigs. We won’t let you down!

If you have any questions or want to share your experience with mono hair toppers for others, feel free to leave comments below, and we’ll reach you as soon as possible!

We are also reachable via email: info@laylawigs.com and hotline: (+84) 98 261 44 86 (Mobile/WhatsApp), so don’t hesitate to drop us a line at any time. 

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