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How Fast Does Men’s Hair Grow: Keep Calm, Guys!

And your hair will grow.

Most people want to know exactly how fast does men’s hair grow, particularly when they feel a bit hopeless since their hair length just grows a little more. You may feel that hair on your scalp doesn’t move while others’ do.

So today Laylawigs will reveal the record on “how fast does men’s hair grow?” per week or month and suggest some useful tips help you to promote hair growth. Let’s check it out!

How fast does men’s hair grow in a week?

In case you have got a bad haircut, your hair strands seem to not be longer at all. and you might wonder how fast does men’s hair grow per week?

How Fast Does Men's Hair Grow: Keep Calm, Guys!
eat healthily

First, let’s figure out the hair growth speed in one day. Regardless of differences at ages or genders, human hair grows at a stable speed of about ½ millimeter per day. To be more precise, according to a study, hair can grow at a rate of 0.44 mm in a day. So after a week or in other words – 7 days- your hair can be 0.01 inch or 2.45 millimeters longer.

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Then, how fast does men’s hair grow per month?

With the hair growth rate of half a millimeter one day, so it is easy to calculate the growth speed per month is half an inch.

So that means the maximum rate of hair growth in a year is 6 inches. If you have a short haircut and you think of changing hairstyle into a long one, it can take you about half and a year for a man to naturally slay it or you can use hair topper or toupee instead.

How Fast Does Men's Hair Grow: Keep Calm, Guys!
men’s hair grows approximately 6 inches per year

How to faster men’s hair growth?

While many people accept their hair loss and baldness and start to make friends with human hair toupee to gain a full hair look, others believe they could stimulate hair growth by adjusting their lifestyles.

There are various factors affecting hair growth speed such as genetics and your hormonal factor or even diet. And below are some easy tips for you to help your hair grow faster.

Tip 1: Eat Healthily

As we mention, diet plays a role in growing hair, hence, changing your meals is the very first and easy tips to faster hair growth. First, drink about 1.5-2 liters of water per day or a little more to get rid of dry scalp.

How Fast Does Men's Hair Grow: Keep Calm, Guys!
eat healthily

Next, your hair is made up of protein so take in more protein supplements or food such as beans, nuts, tofu, and legumes, It is a good idea. Biotin is also proved to promote hair growth, so do not forget to eat food containing biotin such as nuts, avocados, oysters, and salmon speed up the growing process of your hair.

Tip 2: Less Shampoo, More Conditioner

What we mean is not to advise you stop shampoo your hair, it is just not advisable to wash your hair every single day. The reason is that shampoo can make your hair much drier and brittle.

So why we said using more conditioner? Since it helps to keep your hair healthy at the ends. It can prevent tangle, splitting ends or breakage.

Note: do not use conditioners with waxes since it makes your hair look dull and thin

Tip 3: Stop using very cold water to wash hair

Do not use chilly water to shower your hair or at least keep it away from your scalp. The reason for not using cold water is that it can cooler temperatures can inactivate your blood vessels, which helps to bring nutrients and take up the waste product from your scalp.

So let’s using lukewarm water to shampoo your hair for the best result.

How Fast Does Men's Hair Grow: Keep Calm, Guys!
stop washing hair with cold water

Tip 4: Stop Combing Your Hair In Dripping Wet state

The wet state is the most vulnerable condition to break and split ends. So before combing or brushing your hair, use a towel to dry your hair.

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Tip 5: Sleep Well

Sleeping habit also plays a crucial role in how fast does men’s hair grow. Sleep in about 7 hours is highly advised. Sleeping well will promote cell production. That means you will have more active scalp cells which cause hair to grow longer.

In the bottom line

To sum up, remember that your hair can grow at the maximum rate of 0,01 inch each week, 0,5 inch each month and 6 inches each year.

How fast does men’s hair grow per week, per month or even per year can be changed by changing your daily routine? You can try to carry out those simple tips we mention above for the desirable result.

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