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9+ Practical Tips On How To Add Volume To Hair

For a fuller hairdo.

How do I add volume to my hair? My hair is dry, how can I do to add volume? We receive tons of questions like that. For both men and women, an impressive haircut is a mysterious weapon to attract others. The tresses contribute to making the difference between each person. 

Unluckily, you have thin and fine hair. You are embarrassed when going out with your natural hair. Don’t worry as Laylawigs is here. In this post today, we will cover you up with some tips on how to add volume to hair for guys and ladies. Check it out!

How To Add Volume To Hair Mens

You have probably noticed that a lot of men’s hairstyles these days have a lot of lift, a lot of volumes. They are not definitely flat. Let’ see some ways on how to give your hair a little lift and how to maintain the volume throughout the day. 

Hair care routine

You don’t like your fine and flat hair. You would like to add volume to fine hair. Apply hair care routine every day to get all good hair days. 

Brush your hair to give yourself a little part, then going to heat it with a blow dryer. Get a small amount of the styling product, rub it in your hands and work it through your hair in the general direction. Make sure to keep it in two separate sections. It’s the time to hit with the dryer again. Next, brush your hair again so that all your hairs are in place. It will create an illusion that your hair looks thicker and fuller. 

9+ Practical Tips On How To Add Volume To Hair
go for a voluminous hairstyle

Opt for hair styles that offer greater volume

One more tip to add volume to hair guys, choose a hairstyle that suits your face and cover your hair defects. Some haircuts such as Buzzcut, Pompadour, Spiky modern undercut, etc. also bring you masculine beauty. They are suitable for men who have thin hair at the top of the head and hairline.

With these haircuts, you can make your hair feel thicker and stronger by covering it through the hairline. 

Wear toupee for crown top

9+ Practical Tips On How To Add Volume To Hair
wear a toupee or topper

Human hair toupee for men can be used for many purposes: add more hair volume or to change hairstyles. You can see many celebrities often wear wiglets for film characters or appear in public. Toupee is safe to wear. It is undetectable even when you touch your hair. You can style the human hairpiece with and styling products or chemicals.

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How To Add Volume to Hair Women

Switch your part

You always part your hair in a favorite place, it may be in the middle or off-center in your head. Let change your part to the opposite side to add volume to the top of your hair. You can do it while your hair is wet if you are afraid about lopsided looking. There are multiple choices: a side parting (left or right), low side parting, a zig-zag, etc. This simple way to add volume to hair naturally.

9+ Practical Tips On How To Add Volume To Hair
change your hair part

Layered hairstyle 

Another tip on how to add more volume to hair is to give yourself a multi-layered haircut. It is an impressive hairstyle of greater volume. Visit a hair salon so that your hairstylist will create it for you, an uneven hairdo. One plus is that it suits all face shapes. 

Add volume to hair by booting the roots

Lift the roots is one of the most effective ways to create the illusion of fuller and thicker hair. After washing your hair, blow-dry it in the low setting until it is damp. Then add a volumizing hair product to the roots and continue drying the hair. Keep the hair from sticking to your scalp.

9+ Practical Tips On How To Add Volume To Hair
blow dry or dread the roots to make the hair look fuller

To add volume to roots of curly hair, you try diffusing your hair in the upside-down direction. Then you let your hair air dry. It is really important to diffusing with your head upside down as it prevents flat roots. You are able to sort of free your curls, let them take shapes and dry them when they are wet. If you don’t like diffusing your hair, you can try volume powder. All you do is sprinkle a little bit along with the roots and work them in with your fingertips. It will give you instant volume. 

Style your hair in wave or curls

If God bless you a curly hair, it is your lucky. It is easy to add volume to curly hair. And you have thin straight hair, don’t worry. To make your fine and thin hair look more voluminous, a curly or wavy hairstyle is ideal to give you a boost. There are many ways to style your wavy hair such as using heat styling tools or no heat method. We recommend using a heat-free wave strategy to protect your tresses. 

9+ Practical Tips On How To Add Volume To Hair
have wavy or curly hairstyles

Wash your hair in the right way

How to add volume to your thin hair naturally? Even simple thing such as shampooing the hair also affects your hair volume. Follow some basic steps of washing hair: 

First, wet your hair with lukewarm water. Don’t rinse with hot water. Lukewarm water will open the hair cuticles, which is good for removing dirt.

Take a small amount of shampoo on your palm, make the foam and then apply to your head. Spread the shampoo all strands, from the root to the tip. Don’t rub the tresses while washing as the ends tend to be more brittle and dry. 

Next, rinse your hair with fresh water until the shampoo is gone. Apply conditioner to moisturize, but you avoid adding to the root of your hair as it can make your hair heavier and flat. 

Let it sit on your hair for 10 minutes and wash your hair as usual. 

Note: Don’t wash your hair every day as it will remove all essential oil from your scalp. It makes your hair weaker and reduces the volume. If your hair is oily, you can use dry shampoo as an alternative solution to add volume to flat hair.

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Use hair extensions

In some cases, you have thin hair and you cannot save your hair condition. How to add more volume to your hair? Opt for a human hair extension (clip-in, tape-in extensions, etc.). It is for those want a quick fix literally in seconds. You put it on your head and no experience needed. You will get thick and voluminous hair.  

For example, a clip-in hair extension is easy to apply to your tresses. Determine where you want to attach the item first, then clip the extension. Done. It blends well with your natural hair, and you don’t need a volumizing spray or something like that. Of course, you can style it to make it look luxurious. Add some teasing to create a little bit more volume at the top. Hair extensions are great products to use, especially when you have a bad hair day.

9+ Practical Tips On How To Add Volume To Hair
wear hair topper to cover thinning hairline

Wear hair toppers to increase hair volume

Lots of women experiencing hair loss and thinning hair, they choose human hair topper to add volume to the crown of hair or cover up hair loss spots. The hairpiece also adds volume to a short hair cut or change your style instantly by adding a long layer over your current hairdo. Often, women wear toppers to cover their thinning hair at the hairline or top of hair.

Additionally, you can apply a backcombing tip to add volume to short hair or thick hair. By using a fine comb and go quite gently, you will not damage your hair. Try to avoid your part line and so the sort of layers around underneath. Let your hair go back over the top, you have a lot more volume in your hair. You can use hairspray as well if you want.

The Last Words

We believe that you will have your own way on how to add volume to hair after reading the post. Shine your beauty with nice and voluminous hair! 

Laylawigs also provides human hairpieces containing hair toppers, toupees for you. We will bring you a satisfying experience when wearing our hair. Friendly prices are available. Feel free to contact us at any time if you want to know more about hair care tips, hairpieces or related things. We look for hearing your voice.

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