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Lace Closure 101: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Everything you need to know about.

Does your hair does not match the hair extensions? Do you not have the hair growth needed for a leave out? If so, a lace closure wig should be yours. Are you wondering what it is, how to make a closure of this base, how to make it appear real, and the place to buy cheap units? Also, some people tend to purchase lace closure with bundles to create their hair replacement system. Why do not you get only hair bundles? This closure is decent enough to transform the entire hair appearance naturally. Below, we are going to answer all of your related questions. In the end, you may want to grab one as soon as possible!

What is a lace closure?

It is quite a common item for those concerned about their curls. Rather than blending your bio hair, putting on it provides you with the choice to complete the style with the piece which will a perfect mix and match to your weave. As your real locks will be under excellent protection below it, it will stay away from heat-related damage. That is, it will become more healthy. Not all, this closure will complement your style. Thanks to its all-roundness and flexibility, it is suitable for any hair types – Permed? Natural? Receding hairline? – It can handle them well. You can part your hair the way you like. Lace front closure pieces are another word for a realistic look. As a bonus, some models come with baby hair for looking like the real hairline. 

Lace Closure 101: What Is It And How Does It Work?
what is a lace closure

As these items feature various hairstyles, you can contact Laylawigs or visit our website to see that we supply a beautiful collection of black, brown, blond straight, etc. closure. Others such as curly, body wavy are ready upon your request. Thus far, Swiss ones have been the most immensely loved because they match best with your scalp.

As for the construction, those closures are excellent hairpieces where each strand of hair are manually tied (ventilate / knot) onto one piece of lace. Regarding their size, they tend to be 4×4 (inches) which is one perfect square. That said, the volume is likely to change upon your request. Some are 5×5, 4×5, 6×6, to name a few.

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How to sew in/ install a lace closure

We do not recommend you do full sew in yourself. Once you have a better idea of how the process is, you can try – why not? First and foremost, have a glance at the groundwork.

Things to prepare:

– One rat-tail comb

– One lace cap, weaving net

Lace Closure 101: What Is It And How Does It Work?
normal lace vs. HD lace closure

– Some bobby pins

– One needle, threads for sewing

– A pair of scissors

Then, go through the following steps for the lace closure installation.

1. Apply your lace cap

Be sure your scalp and hair are not dirty before you wear the cap. Wonder why? It is necessary to the head with hair closures and wefts often. So, keeping them freshly-washed is crucial.

We suggest you rely on a gentle shampoo. The same goes for your conditioner. Moisturizing your strands afterward is significant – you know. Allow the hair to air dry before you install one lace cap.

2. Cornrow the hair

Lace Closure 101: What Is It And How Does It Work?
cornrow your real hair

It is one of the most frequently used methods. Before you cornrow, do not forget to part the hair in various rows to the head’s back from its front. To enhance the result, you can use one rat-tail comb. It works to create straight and small rows.

Use the pins to make the rows secure. Also, begin braiding. Based on experience and practice, you should keep the braids tight enough to the scalp. That way, as soon as you finish with the full lace front closure sew-in, the installation will not inflate the hair.

3. Apply your weaving hair net

Cover the head’s top with one square hair net. For those with black hair, you should select a black net. These nets have varying colors; that is why you can choose your best fit.

Also, be sure you select the proper size. It should be something that can cover all of your hair and fit the head’s dimensions. While you do not have to apply the hair net, it is necessary when sewing as many lace closures of the 4×4 size as you can.

Lace Closure 101: What Is It And How Does It Work?
sew the lace closure in

4. Whip-stitch the frontal lace closure

Beginning from the back, using the needle, you can master the art of whipstitching the net to the cornrow now. Note that you should start from the cornrow’s end and work your way to the front. Also, be sure the stitches have enough consistency. 

As soon as you reach the head’s top, check the threads regarding the necessity to re-thread. It will let the net remain great over the scalp.

5. Call it done

When you complete sewing the lace closure as well as the wefts, be ready to tie as well as cutting the threads. Before you do so, make them secure by stitching through the knot a couple of times. 

If you notice any excess net, sewing it to the cornrow is okay.

How to make a lace closure look natural

1. Select the proper unit

Reach for a good quality one with a similar texture and color to your bio hair. Also, part its hair for your favorite natural appearance. 

2. Go for the lace color that can blend in with your complexion tone

That way, your lace will be unnoticeable similar to your scalp. Not all, you can DIY dye it using one fabric dye that is near to the tone of your skin. Do make it too dark. All you need to do is dip the cotton swab into that dye before applying it where the lace is detectable – for example, around the hairline.

Lace Closure 101: What Is It And How Does It Work?
bleach the knots to make your lace closure look natural

3. Bleach the knots

You can also use the bleach to the closure. By doing so, the knots will not be noticeable anymore. In the end, you can attain the most realistic appearing scalp while putting on the closure. Alternatively, you can count on the silk closure. Its natural-looking impact is no joke.

4. Cut off any excess lace

Trim it before you put on your closure weaves. The supplier often designs it so that your buy will be suitable. If not, all you need to do is cut it off using a pair of sharp fabric scissors.

5. Hide your real hair

Do so before you wear the closure with bundles for a more realistic look. You can make use of your hair gel to prevent the strands from flying away. Does your hair has a medium length? Then, pushing into your cap is okay. Using bobby pins is also great to make the cap secure in case your hair is frizzy or curly. For those with short hair, you can slick it back under the closure. Is your hair long? If it is, lucky you! It is the most manageable. You can make it into braids that hug the head. 

Lace Closure 101: What Is It And How Does It Work?
hide your real hair

6. Adjust the closure

Adjust it to fit the head comfortably. Make it secure using clips or combs.

7. Sharpen an eyeliner pencil to one point

You can draw one white line on the scalp’s parted area using that liner pencil. Be sure that the line is thin and close to your hair scalp.

8. Utilize your skin-colored concealer

You may also want to dip one thin makeup brush into your makeup. Gather a proper amount of concealer on the brush’s tip. Then brush the part covered by the liner using a thin layer of your concealer.

9. Wipe the brush off using one paper towel

You can dip the brush into makeup powder which is a bit dark compared to your complexion tone. Brush it over the part for sealing the concealer.

Lace Closure 101: What Is It And How Does It Work?
use headband or scarf to make your hair look natural

10. Rely on one headband or scarf

As a rule of thumb, by hair accessories, we mean your curls look more realistic.

11. Apply baby powder

In case your closure is overly shiny, you can dust it using baby powder. It will appear darker.

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12. Wash the closure

Rinse it using a gentle shampoo product intended for color-treated hair. For the best results, consult a professional instructor and follow the item using the guide. You know, shampoos or conditioners provide better protection, thus improving your natural hair appearance when you put on the weave.

Where to buy the best lace closure

The models at Laylawigs are reasonably popular among wearers. Their versatility and flexibility make them suitable for any type of hair.

Lace Closure 101: What Is It And How Does It Work?
lace closure pieces

Notably, our products are 100% manually tied created with single knots as well as genuinely lightly bleached knots for your hair system to look as natural as it can and last longer. How much is it? Our items are not only quality but also most favorably priced. We can customize your hair unit based on your requirements as well.

In short

Hopefully, you understand better about the lace closure. If you want to buy lace closure and the bundles to reduce the cost, feel free to contact us. We have an extensive series of them other than ready-made closure wigs to choose from. 

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