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Lace Vs Silk Closure: How Are They Different?

When putting on weaves and hair replacement extensions entails, you should aim to achieve a natural-like look. No one deliberately desires their hair unit to be noticeable, which is why a lot of installations ask for leaving your curls out in the front for the track coverage.

Now you have a lot of choices to make your hair systems look far more realistic and cater to your preferences. Some of the best options are frontals and closures. Yet, have you known how different lace vs silk closure is? In this post, we will get you covered! 

Definitions: A quick look

1. A closure: What is it?

Do you not have many ideas of what closures are? They are a hair unit put on the hair for a realistic appearance through an imitation of your scalp.

It is terrific as it lets you not expose any of your bio strands – meaning it is protecting your curls from any possible damages. Regarding the difference between silk and lace closure, what matters is the material as well as appearance.

Lace Vs Silk Closure: How Are They Different?
a closure hairpiece

2. A lace closure: Its definition

By your lace closure, we refer to the locks are attached to your lace base. That way delivers a realistic appearance. 

In this regard, you may want to do some tweaking for your look to be as natural as it can. Bleaching the knots on your closure is a good idea.

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3. A silk base closure: Its definition

Before you learn about the differences between lace vs silk closure, let’s have a glance at this type of closure. It comes with a silk layer; your locks will be embedded into the silk. Other than that, this closure features a lace layer as well.

When it comes to the silk base, the knots are unnoticeable as they are embedded into the silk layer. That is why your scalp looks more realistic.

Lace Vs Silk Closure: How Are They Different?
silk closure

Lace vs silk closure: Which is better?

1. The foundation

Silk or lace closure? The first tend not to ask for the knot bleaching. Thanks to the silk material on your closure’s back, these knots appear real like your scalp without having to alter much. 

2. Colors

The lace type can have various shades that help make sure it works fantastically for the color of your scalp. Regardless of the different colors coming with it, it is still transparent. Thus, you can see what it lays on. 

Lace Vs Silk Closure: How Are They Different?
lace closure vs silk closure

3. Construction

What are the differences between silk closure vs lace in this regard? The silk type’s structure makes the hair system appear more realistic and more similar to your scalp. Yet, it is often a bit thicker, which may make it hard to create a super flat application. 

Lace vs silk closure: What is your best fit?

You can sew down, glue, or tape these closures. You can install them the same way, and they generally give the same result, but they are relatively different. So, what should be your most suitable choice? Get what can cater to your demand.

Consider two key factors – durability and the price.  

Lace Vs Silk Closure: How Are They Different?
silk closure looks more invisible

The cost of the lace closure tends to be lower. On the other hand, you should give extra effort. For its silk-based counterpart, the silk material it utilizes makes it more pricey. 

When it comes to durability, according to many reviews, the one with the silk base is longer lasting. If you intend to use your hair replacement system frequently, this option should be yours. For those who put on the hair units not that often, the lace is a safe bet.

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In the bottom line: Lace vs silk closure

So, lace vs silk closure, which one do you like? Whatever type of base you choose, be sure that you get it from Laylawigs. We guarantee that our closures help deliver a natural look as well as protecting your bio hair from any damage. The silk closure is the most protective hairstyles for people that transition to the natural hair from relaxers, or for those with real kinky hair and desire to protect it in cold months. It is also long-lasting.

If you desire to do more with the curls, a lace closure should be your choice. It lets you try different styles, looks, and fashions without a compromise. 

Most importantly, the hair units from Laylawigs are 100% human hair in the best quality at the most friendly price. What is more to expect?

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