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9 Best Examples Of Lady Gaga Hair To Inspire Your New Hairdo

From the hair bow to dark hair and everything you saw in A Star Is Born.

Lady Gaga hair has been the talk of the town for many years. Her hair never fails to surprise us, most of the time, in a remarkable way. From classic to weird hairstyles, Lady Gaga has tried it on. Besides, she is called “Mother Monster fashion” because of her unusual style.

Today, we don’t talk about her songs and outfits. This article is dedicated to Lady Gaga fans who are interested in her hair. Let’s start.

Lady Gaga Natural Hair

Lady Gaga is famous for a multitude of fantastic wig applications. But it does not mean that her real hair is bad. You may be able to see Lady Gaga real hair a few times. Her real hair color is brunette. 

She used to show her natural hair without wearing a wig when playing “Ally”, performing at the iTunes Festival, and so on.

9 Best Examples Of Lady Gaga Hair To Inspire Your New Hairdo
Lady Gaga natural hair

The “Joanne” singer’s hair strands are dark brown and slightly lengthen over her shoulder. In the past, she wore her natural locks numerous times. But now, she always wears wigs to change hairstyles and protect her bio hair. Many people have had trouble distinguishing between her real hair and hair wigs.

If you recall, Gaga’s hair was in blonde when she was first on the rise in Hollywood. The audience assumed that it was her natural hair. Now, the singer wears so many different types of wigs, from short blonde hair to silver hair. She always chooses hairpieces that suit her outfits and accessories when she appearing in front of cameras.

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Lady Gaga Hair Color

Lady Gaga uses a lot of wigs to create her styles. It is difficult to find the hair color that she has never tried wearing. From the dark to white color, the singer looks so fantastic. Let’s see her hair color collection.

Blonde hair

The blonde hair marks the beginning of a “phenomenon” called Lady Gaga. It is her trademark platinum blonde hair. Perhaps this is the simplest and most beautiful hairstyle, of the celeb. It matches her face perfectly. In Oscar 2019, she looked so beautiful, no more freaky style as before. The 33-year-old singer appeared with blonde hair and the style that is somehow classic and modern at the same time. How gorgeous she looked!

9 Best Examples Of Lady Gaga Hair To Inspire Your New Hairdo
Lady Gaga blonde bob hair in Bad Romance

Like a lot of the other female celebs at the awards ceremony, Gaga was wearing an updo. Her hairstylist styled Gaga’s hair by creating small loops on the crown of her head and then twisting the hair at her back into a tight roll. It created a perfect look.

Also blonde hair color, but she wears a curly bob in her “Bad Romance” video. And you can see white or blonde hair Lady Gaga many times if you follow her Instagram.

Brown hair

When lady Gaga dyed her hair in brown, she does not look like her anymore. No more weird styles, no more a blonde hair girl we often see. She looks remarkably different with this dark hair. 

9 Best Examples Of Lady Gaga Hair To Inspire Your New Hairdo
Gaga’s brown hair

In 2016, Gaga posted a picture of her new hair for her birthday on Instagram. It was brown hair. The selfie immediately caught the attention of fans around the world. They commented that she looked different from every day but was still a singer they loved so much.

She also had no makeup brown hair before. In 2007, she usually wore brown or grey hair when performing at clubs and music festivals. 

Blue hair

In 2019 Golden Globe Awards, the queen of weird appeared with a great cerulean blue hair color. She looked like a princess in a fairy tale. Her hair color fits her dress, creating an overall look perfectly. May be she dyed her real hair. It does not appear to be a wig like so many dramatic hairstyles before. 

9 Best Examples Of Lady Gaga Hair To Inspire Your New Hairdo
Lady Gaga blue hair color at Golden Globe Award 2019

The hair stylist Fredric Aspiras said that Gaga’s dress was inspiration so that he created her hair color. He pulled Gaga’s hair back into a sleek updo. Her ends were out from the bun and styled in curls along the side of the head. She chose the classic makeup style instead of the heavy one, only emphasized her brows and eyes. Do you love her new hair? We think no one can dismiss her beauty. She used to wear eye-catching blue hair when performing at the Apollo. 

Yellow Hair

Do you remember the Popstar with the yellow wig at the 2010 Grammy Awards? This was the first time Gaga wore this lace front wig. At that time, she was considered the first person leading colored hair trend. No one was doing colored hair before. 

In 2018, the 33-year-old singer also showed off her yellow hair strands at the 32nd American Cinematheque Awards. With Khaleesi-style braided updo, her hair looks so beautiful with the lemon tint.

9 Best Examples Of Lady Gaga Hair To Inspire Your New Hairdo
Gaga yellow hair at American Cinematheque Awards 2018

However, not all are perfect. She does not always appear with beautiful hair. In 2014, she took part in the Late Show with David Letterman in New York City with her bulging and curly hair. Although the fans are not strange to Lady Gaga hair colors and style, this appearance still made them surprised.

Green Hair

The Hollywood celeb once co-operated with friends and Terry Richardson – a photographer, for a series of showing off her green hair. She looks so cool and sexy. 

9 Best Examples Of Lady Gaga Hair To Inspire Your New Hairdo
Lady Gaga green hair

In June 2011, Lady Gaga once debuted a new hairstyle at a press conference ahead of her performance at the Art Science Museum in Singapore. It was a towering green hair. Also in June 2011, she with green hair attended the MTV Video Music Aid Japan press conference at Billboard LIVE.

It seems that the singer wears green hair during her tour around the world. In Australia, Italy, England, New York, and so on.

Orange hair

Lady Gaga is known as a bombshell blonde girl. However, she had to dye her tresses in orange color in her movie “A Star Is Born” with Bradley Cooper. The change makes fans to be unrecognizable that she is the owner of “Poker Face” hit. Her character is carefully sculpted. The orange hair is styled in a classic fashion, making her look like a girl in the 1940s. It is parted in the middle and pinned back on 2 sides.

9 Best Examples Of Lady Gaga Hair To Inspire Your New Hairdo
Gaga’s orange hair in “A star is born”

Some say that Lady Gaga is a beauty chameleon because she changes her hair frequently. And her secret weapon is the wig. You can Lady Gaga with red hair, black hair, purple hair, pink and so on. Often the star’s hair is also the inspiration for many trending hairstyles now. 

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Lady Gaga Hair Bow

This hairstyle first appeared in her video “Poker Face”. Immediately, it became a hot topic at that time because of its cuteness. Her hair was straight, waist-length hair and blunt bangs. The highlight of this hair was a bow made of matching her blonde tresses. 

Some said that this hairstyle revived the trend of using hair bows for girls. Many beauty bloggers and YouTubers also shared plenty of video clips teaching tying hair in a bow like Lady Gaga.

After creating the trend of hair bows, she even dyed her bow to look outstanding. She created another version when dyeing hair in black and white, and bun it up on two peaks in a “Mickey Lady” style.

9 Best Examples Of Lady Gaga Hair To Inspire Your New Hairdo
Lady Gaga with short hair

Lady Gaga Short Hair

Gaga has many short hairstyles such as blonde bob, Concave bob, stubborn pixie, Lid Open, Overshadowed, etc. Her unique hairstyle is synonymous with her personality. She always refreshes herself.

Her short blonde bob is a casual style. She combines with heavy makeup that accentuates the style and gives it an altogether different feel. While the pixie creates a masculine vibe. This hairstyle clearly brings out the masculine side of the star. She also wears a bob hair in blue color. This gives a stylish and perky look.

Lady Gaga Long and Curly Hair

Gaga shared that she has more than 20 wigs. That way, she changes her hair without damaging hear natural hair. She has a new hairstyle every day without having to go to the hair salon. Today she wears a bump layered, but the next day she can have a long wavy flair or side Curly hair. 

9 Best Examples Of Lady Gaga Hair To Inspire Your New Hairdo
Lady gaga with long wigs

Final words

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