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Lady Gaga Wig: From Gorgeous To Chic To Eccentric!

Wanna go eccentric like Gaga?

This article about Lady Gaga wig is dedicated to Gaga’s fans and wig lovers.

We may not need to discuss the popularity of Lady Gaga in the music world. What an excellent vocalist she is! Not all, she is a fantastic dancer. Also, we cannot forget to mention her talent as an actress. 

How about her other skills? She never fails to surprise us, most of the time, in a remarkable way. Have you been mesmerized by her makeup? Still, it is not the only contribution to the mastery of her appearance. It is unfair not to mention her hair. 

What has been her secret weapon behind the fabulous styles of locks on the red carpet and on-stage? Of course, it is Frederic Aspiras – her respectable hairstylist. And the other is Lady Gaga wig.

Does Lady Gaga wear a wig?

She has been putting on these hair systems since the first day of her career. They include mermaid manes, hair bows, canary yellow wig, to name a few.

Let’s spare a bit of time for recalling. When Gaga first rose in Hollywood, Gaga was blonde. A lot of people thought it was the realistic color of her hair. Besides, she has installed many different hair units along with accessories. So, we become familiar with her transformation just about whenever she appears. 

Lady Gaga Wig Decoding: From Gorgeous To Chic To Eccentric!
does Lady Gaga wear a wig?

Why does she apply wigs? In case you do not know, many celebrities wear these hairpieces to protect their bio hair. Their stylists often use too much styling and thermal tools on their tresses for their flawless looks. Understandably, they are public figures. They need to appear near-perfect or perfect as a way to respect the mass. Gaga is not an exception.

Let’s think back in 2013. Lady Gaga revealed why she seldom showed up without makeup and wig. She had managed to keep her body and soul together through several genuinely hard times. To make the pain less noticeable, she had relied on the hair replacement systems. 

She said, “When I did not feel strong enough to be me, I created someone else. And it worked.” 

Lady Gaga Wig Decoding: From Gorgeous To Chic To Eccentric!
Lady Gaga Wig

Moreover, the moods have to do with Lady Gaga wig choices. The singer is famous for her unique sense of dress. She also wears various hair units as a reflection of what is her inside feeling. 

Gaga shared, “I have more than 20 wigs. That way, I can have a new hairstyle every day without having to run to the hairdresser, which is great, isn’t it? And I can choose which one I want to wear, depending on my mood. Today I felt like red curls. The way I present myself to the outside world always reflects how I feel inside.”

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Some of the best wigs that she has ever worn

This musician probably has experienced with the whole spectrum of hair colors, from blue, pink, white, to green. Also, she has worked her way through many kinds of hair wig – for example, lace front, dreadlock. Let alone, Gaga has used plenty of accessories (structured hats, etc.). 

Among these things, hairpieces are probably what she has most frequently used. Even if you recalled all the wigs she has put on over the past years, you would be likely to miss mentioning no fewer than five ones.

Below we will address some of the most outstanding styles of Lady Gaga wig. Let’s see!

Lady Gaga Wig Decoding: From Gorgeous To Chic To Eccentric!
Lady Gaga wig on “Paparazzi” music video

Lady Gaga hairstyles since “The Fame”

People saw a stable blonde hair system in the music videos for “The Fame”. In her “Poker Face” music video, she put on platinum blonde curls. During “The Fame” time, the singer stood out with a fringe. After that, she started trying out various colors. They include the lavender hairpieces. When she released the “Paparazzi” music video, she used a short cut wig whose color was blonde.

From 2008 March to 2008 December

Gaga installed a similar platinum blonde hair unit. Following the “Poker Face” shooting, she had an extra hair bow on her wig’s top.

Lady Gaga Hair Since “The Fame Monster”

When she releases the video for “Bad Romance”, she did not appear without a wig. The hair system she used that time was curly blonde. On the chat show, “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross”. The singer applied a new one with half blonde and half lavender. The hair bow is among her most famous hair systems. Gaga often wore it during and following the official debut. People have replicated her trademark bow a couple of times – for instance, Oprah Winfrey. 

Lady Gaga Wig Decoding: From Gorgeous To Chic To Eccentric!
Gaga’s blonde wig on “Telephone”

During the “Telephone” release, she installed mostly blonde yellow wigs which were the same as the one she put on at the Grammy Awards in 2010. Gaga went on using these wigs over most of the worldwide concert – The Monster Ball Tour. When the singer released “Alejandro”, she had a bob (also known as slick back).

Lady Gaga wig since “ARTPOP”

This time, she showed herself more femininely. Gaga had curls with a light brown color and long straight hair which was dark brown. When she showed up at the iTunes Festival, she counted on a straight black hairpiece, a curly mane of light brown color, and a short blonde wig. 

Lady Gaga Wig Decoding: From Gorgeous To Chic To Eccentric!
Gaga’s wig on “ARTPOP”

When shooting for the cover of the album “ARTPOP”, her wig was long. Its color was wavy blonde. At the listening party for “ARTPOP” in Berlin, Gaga sported a short wig which was blonde again. Her hair appearance at “Seashell Girl” had more prevalence during the time aside from the dread wig.

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Lady Gaga with out a wig

Undeniably, she was famous for a multitude of fantastic wig applications. You may be able to see Lady Ga Ga real hair a few times. It is a brunette. Since she bleached it blonde, the hair systems have become common along with her original outfits. 

Lady Gaga Wig Decoding: From Gorgeous To Chic To Eccentric!
Lady Gaga without wig and make-up

She showed her bio hair with no wig when playing “Ally”, performing at the iTunes Festival, etc.

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