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What Are The Signs Of Balding In Female?

It starts with small signals.

Do you know that women suffer from the main type of hair loss as men, and “androgenetic alopecia” is the terminology used for both female and male pattern baldness? Hence, there are some signs of balding female, which are the male ones besides some different signs. So let’s read through this article to check it out!

Hair loss is a problem of about one-third of women in the world. They can suffer it at any time of their lives. And there are two-third postmenopausal women experience baldness or thinning hair. That men suffer hair loss sometimes is acceptable but women’s baldness will have a negative effect on them since it will ruin the appearance totally and hit them in the feeling.

What are the signs of female pattern baldness?

Below are the major signs of balding female at all ages that you should take into account

Receding hairline 

As we said, there are some similar signs to both male and female balding and thinning hairline is one of them. You may across this sign many times but we still have to mention it for those who think it cannot happen on women. And it is also one of the early signs of balding at 18 females. Notice your hair at the temples and in the hairline, if you feel the hair volume at these places is thinner than other areas, you may suffer from baldness. It is time for you to consult a dermatologist for proper treatment.

What Are The Signs Of Balding In Female?
receding hairline in young women

Hair falling as signs of balding female

It is one of common signs of balding female. Hair sheds about 100 strands per day, and more than that amount is abnormal. Hence, if you see your hair lying around more than usual, see a doctor. The reasons for this type of hair loss are various, such as physical problems (like surgery or pregnancy) and emotional problems (like stress). But don’t worry since all the hair you lost will return if you take care of both your physical and mental health.

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Hair breakage near the scalp

This is not one of the common signs of female alopecia. If you see your hair is breaking at the middle of the lock or just near your scalp, you may suffer from hair loss. The reason for that is hair protein and keratin is damaged and weakened. So to avoid that, stop using heat styling method ( like straightening, curling, dyeing, and bleaching) or chemical products. Give your hair a rest till you see an overall improvement of your damaged hair.

What Are The Signs Of Balding In Female?
hair breakage near the scalp

Bald spots or overall baldness (even hair loss at eyelashes and eyebrows)

If you suffer alopecia areata, one of your baldness causes for that is that your hair follicles are attacked by the immune system. The sign of balding female, in this case, happen suddenly and you may notice one or more circle baldness spot turn out. This condition can reoccur any time and a few people who suffer hair loss caused by this symptom can lose their eyelash and eyebrow as well. This is a chronic case and it is better to diagnose it soon for an appropriate therapy

Signs of Balding Female In A Nutshell

Baldness in females seems to be more serious than the male one since it is not socially accepted. Hence, if you take all signs of male pattern baldness in females above into consideration, you can save your hair and your money as well in the long run. The reason for that is once you detect those signs of balding female soon, the problem can be addressed from the start and will not become worse. So, hopefully, this article can aid you in saving your hair.

What Are The Signs Of Balding In Female?
hair topper before and after

But if you reach this article after you suffer from hair baldness, you can look for some treatments such as a non-surgical hair replacement system, an effective and immediate remedy. This system involves hair wigs and toppers for women. And the human hair products are highly advisable to use.

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