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Gray Hair Men: What If You’Re Going Gray?

How to deal with going gray?

You don’t like gray hair as it makes you look older than your real age. Cited from the teaching of Buddha, “Gray hairs are like angels sent by the God of death.” In theory, the bio hair turns gray is a normal phenomenon and occurs when we get older. Still, many unlucky young people also experience this hair problem, especially in men. What causes gray hair men? Should you color gray hair or not? Keep reading to find your answer to the questions. 

Causes of Men Gray Hair

What causes gray hair in men? This is a question for all. If you are curious and spend time to find out this problem, you know that there is no exact answer for it. You may be surprised because there are many reasons you have never thought about it.

The sign of age

Gray hair for men usually appears in middle-aged people and it is also the most common sign of aging. The hair strand comes out from a hair follicle. And each follicle has cells that are called melanocytes. These cells are responsible to produce two types of pigment that decide your natural hair color. Eumelanin is dark brown or black shade color and pheomelanin is reddish-yellow. Sometimes, dermatologist refers to two types of pigments as melanin.

However, your hair strand will change color when melanocytes dye. Your hair appears gray as it gets less melanin. Similarly, white hair means that it can not get any melanin. The gray hair or salt and pepper hair is usually seen in older people.

Gray Hair Men: What If You'Re Going Gray?
men’s hair turns gray when you get old

Nevertheless, you can see young men with gray hair. It is also directly related to the lack of melanin. When melanocytes start to dye, they reduce or stop producing melanin. As a result, the strands will lose its initial hue, making the hair to turn gray.

Besides deciding the hair color, melanin helps make your tresses look smoothy and lush. So, lack of melanin causes your hair dry and coarse texture. 

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There is a popular theory that stress is the main cause of gray hair. Well, it may be or not. It may be or not. Some studies show that stress hormones affect the delivering melanin process to each hair strands. Furthermore, prolonged stress leads to insomnia that speeds up the graying process faster. It is why many young people suffering from gray hair. 


Gray Hair Men: What If You'Re Going Gray?
gray hair men due to genetics

According to science, it is the most significant factor causing gray hair in young men. If your parents experienced gray hair at their young age, the high risk of your mane going gray an early age, too. 

What should you do when your hair starts turning gray? Dye your hair, it is should or should not. If you don’t dye the hair, what can you do to change your hair condition? Let’s answer these questions. 

Should or Shouldn’t Dye Your Gray Hair On Men

Compared to hair loss, gray hair is less disconcerting to men. Unlike women, males let the aging process happen naturally. Western men in the middle-age think that gray hair makes them look mature, seasoned, and even sexy. However, with guys in their 20s and 30s, gray hair makes them look older than they feel. Hence, the fastest method to change the gray hair is to apply hair dye. 

Before dying hair gray men, you have to purchase good products designed for grey hair. Pick permanent gray hair dye for men instead of semipermanent one as it can cover stubborn hair roots well. You can deep condition your bio hair to moisturize it, then apply hair dye. Choose a lighter shade to match well with the grays. Do it yourself or you can visit a hair salon and barber will know how exactly to get the best look. 

However, dying hair may have some downsides. So you should consider before booking an appointment with the barber.

Gray Hair Men: What If You'Re Going Gray?
gray hair men

– Once you dye the hair, you have to redye every 3-8 weeks. The frequency depends on the growing speed of your hair. It takes your valuable time. 

– The price of gray hair dye is not too expensive but it costs if you dye the hair regularly. 

– Men gray hair dye can damage your mane. They contain harsh chemicals that contribute to causing hair loss and shedding. Don’t choose silver or ash gray as you may have to bleach hair before applying color. 

How To Take Care of Gray Hair Men

Wear a short hairstyle

You have gray and thick hair, you still have a lot of options to cut and style it. You want mature and sexy gray hair men style. The are many men with long gray hair and they still look good. But if you want to live longer with this hair color, it is better to wear a short hairstyle. Pick hairstyles that graying locks are short on two sides and longer on the top. A short haircut allows you to conceal all gray hair strands better than long styles. 

Gray Hair Men: What If You'Re Going Gray?
short gray hairstyle for men

Don’t shampoo the mane too frequently

We don’t advise you stop shampoo your hair, it is not advisable to wash your hair with shampoo every day. Bear in mind that shampoo can make your hair much drier and brittle. This hair care tip is for all, not for only men with grays. Gray hair men need to shampoo hair a few times a week. Follow with hair conditioner to keep the hair stay healthy. It also helps prevent tangles, split ends, and hair breakage. Besides, purchase the right products for men with gray hair. 

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Apply natural oil or hair mask to nourish your hair

To manage your stubborn gray hair, try applying a hair oil or hair mask to soften and moisturizes it. Apply a few drops of oil when the hair is wet so that it works best. 

Wearing A Gray Hair Toupee 

Gray Hair Men: What If You'Re Going Gray?
gray hair toupee

Another tip is to dress up with nice gray hair: use a men’s hair system. Even if your natural gray hair is not even and good-looking or you want to update a new gray hairdo, a toupee can help to bring along attractive and realistic hair quickly. You don’t need to dye your real hair any longer, also. 

Browse Laylawigs‘ large selection of human hair toupees and place an order. Come to our hair company, we offer you the best high-class hairpieces at cheap prices. Whether you are white or black males with gray hair, we can help you.

That’s all basic things about gray hair men you should not miss out. For further help or any requires with hair toupees or any hair systems, don’t fret to contact us. Or leave your comments below to let us know what you think. 

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