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How To Wear A Hair Topper?

What's the right way to wear a hair topper?

With hair toppers for short hair, you can easily change your hairstyle and create a new look. The most natural-looking hairpieces are those that are made from human hair. It is also the highest quality of toppers and the most versatile since you can trim and style the hair to blend in with your natural hair. Hair toppers are also easier to use and can be found in most hair stores. 

In this article, Laylawigs shows you step by step on how to wear a hair topper. No matter the texture, color or style you want, we will help you to have gorgeous hair. 

How To Choose Hair Toppers For Short Hair?

Determine your hair loss condition. 

You must know which stage of hair loss you are at before buying a wiglet. According to Ludwig, hair loss has 3 main stages: the beginning, progressive (mid), and the advanced stage.

The first stage has minimal hair loss at the top of the head and is undetectable. You could have a small base size topper to conceal.

Stages of Hair Loss | Lewigs Human Hair
stages of hair loss

In the second stage, your scalp becomes visible and a medium-large base size topper is ideal. 

At the last stage of hair loss – advanced stage, the scalp is more noticeable. Laylawigs recommends using a large base size topper of a wig to hide the bald areas. 

Moreover, for those who have a short hairstyle and are suffering hair problems, women’s hair toppers for short hair will be a great choice to add extra thickness to the hair. 

Types of hair

If you want to style or dye your hairpiece, you should choose human hair because it offers a more natural look. The price of human hair toppers is higher than the synthetic fibers but it matches your hair perfectly. With 100% human hair, the topper can be restyled after washing just like natural locks. We think that it will be a good investment. 

How To Wear Hair Toppers For Short Hair? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart!
it’s better to use human hair toppers

Synthetic fibers topper are known as the term “ready to wear” which means you can wear it right after shopping. Besides, it can maintain its quality under any type of weather. However, fiber toppers are lack of versatility, can not be colored or styled like human hair counterparts. 

In addition, there are many other factors that affect how to choose perfect hair topper such as base type, hair length, hair material, and so on. 

In some cases, ladies let their bio hair dyed with the color of the topper to have beautiful hair.

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Hair Toppers Installation.

The human hair toppers in the market come in a variety of sizes and shapes to conceal your hair loss areas on the scalp. With this hairpiece, women no longer have to worry about their hair problems. It can conceal a wide area of hair loss and help the wearers feel comfortable when wearing it. So how do you wear a hair topper correctly?  

With Adhesives.

The tape and glue adhesive are very convenient and easy to attach and remove. First, clean your scalp, then dry and have the free-oil area. 

Step 1: Cover a protective layer on the topper and scalp to protect your own skin and natural hair. 

How To Wear Hair Toppers For Short Hair? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart!
attach hair toppers with tape adhesive

Note: If your skin is sensitive, you have to test on your hand first. If it has no reaction, you can feel free to do it.

Step 2: With tape, you have to remove all the protective papers of 2 sides and then apply around your scalp. And if you use glue, let apply it as you use tape.

Step 3: Lay the hair replacement system in place and then press it lightly over your scalp. Make sure that your hair doesn’t stick to the adhesive because your hair many be tangle and damaged.

Step 4: Keep securing the hair topper to the scalp by pressing and flatting until the adhesive stick to the skin. Remember to put the tape or glue along the hairline.

Step 5: Now, you can brush the hairpiece so that it blends with the real hair and finish.

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With Clips.

Step 1: Open the clip on lace hair topper for short hair. You should choose the hairpiece with pressure-sensitive clips because they do not harm your natural hair and hurt your scalp. 

Step 2: Determine where the clips are going to attach and gently stroke the hair in these areas. Detangling hair if it is available. 

How To Wear Hair Toppers For Short Hair? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart!
use clips to wear a hair topper

Step 3: Place hair topper on the thinning hair areas and secure the clips. You should fix the front clip first. Then put light pressure on top of the topper and glide your fingers over the length of the base to secure the back clips.

Step 4: Hold the top of your hair topper and secure the rest of the clips (clips on the sides). 

Step 5: Now you can style for your hairpiece. Hold your topper and gently brush. The human hair topper is versatile, so you can style and color as you desired. 

So how to style my hair topper? The best way to have the most natural-looking hair is that you style the hairpiece closer to your own hair. 

Tips For Taking Care Of Hair Toppers For Short Hair

Use the best hair care products

Just like your natural hair, the hairpiece tends to tangle and shed if you do not properly take care of it. A good shampoo and conditioner can ensure your hair strands stay shiny and smooth. When applying the conditioner, make sure that it only goes from mids to ends of the hair. Let invest caring for hair products to keep your wiglet in the best condition. 

How To Wear Hair Toppers For Short Hair? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart!
use specialized products for hair toppers

Air dry as much as possible

It’s better if your hair is air-dried. Or you can place the hairpiece on a stand with a towel underneath then dry it with a hairdryer on the low heating level.

Avoid sleeping with toppers

To keep your hair topper last longer, you shouldn’t sleep when wearing it. Why? The hairpiece is easy to tangling and shedding because you tend to turn around. Remember to take off the topper before sleeping to protect and keep it last longer as well. 

How To Wear Hair Toppers For Short Hair? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart!
it’s not advisable to sleep with your hair toppers

What about how to style a hair topper? You find that the topper color is normal, so feel free to dye and style if you want. You like straight hair, curly hair or deep wavy hair, it’s ok. But you should use the tools on low to medium heat to get the job done and prevent the wiglet from damaging. We recommend applying heatless methods to your hair toppers for short hair because it is a good way to protect it.

Final thoughts

Laylawigs hopes that you will know more about hair toppers for short hair and how to wear it as well. If you wonder “should I wear a hair topper”, we think you have your answer now.

With our professional teams, we are glad to answer and explain any questions you wonder and give you the best advice. Feel free to contact us via email info@laylawigs.com hotline (+84) 98 261 44 86 (Mobile/WhatsApp). We are always willing to support at any time!

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