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How To Care A Hair Topper?

Taking good care of your topper hair extensions is never a piece of cake.

All hair replacement systems need to care and maintain to keep it looking and help the hairpiece last as long as possible. And topper hair extensions are no exception. 

Nowadays, hair toppers are used widely to cover baldness, thinning hair, and lengthen your existing hair as well. Instead of spending a large amount of money for a full wig, you can purchase a topper to cover your baldness spot. It will bring a more natural look and is easy to wear. Toppers are available in both human hair and synthetic hair, but Laylawigs only sells real human hairpieces because they are high-quality. 

Topper Hair Extensions Maintenance - The Right Way To Take Care
topper hair extensions

However, do you know how to protect hair topper extensions? Do you know how to keep your hairpiece to stay healthy and shiny? Here are some tips on getting the best looking and feeling hair extensions topper possible.

1. How To Care For Human Hair Toppers?

Similar to your bio hair, topper hair extensions need your sincere love. Below are some of our recommendations to make your wiglet look natural and healthy.

1.1. Use hair care products for human hairpieces.

You should use only products designed especially for human hair wiglets. The shampoos that contain harsh chemicals can decrease the lifespan of your hair topper. We recommend investing in suitable and high-quality products to maintain your hairpiece.  

Topper Hair Extensions Maintenance - The Right Way To Take Care
use suitable hair care products

Conditioners are necessary as they can keep your hair shiny and smooth. However, you don’t have to apply conditioner to the roots of your hairpiece, only from the mid-length to tips.

1.2. Keep the piece clean.

Experts recommend washing your lace hair topper every 7-14 days of wear. If you shampoo your hair frequently, its lifespan is shortened. Before washing the piece, gently brush your hair to detangle any knots. Ensure that you only use a comb designed for topper hair extensions.

Topper Hair Extensions Maintenance - The Right Way To Take Care
wash your hair topper on a regular basis

Wet the hair thoroughly and shampoo in a downwards direction. Remember to use cold or lukewarm water to clean your hair. Apply a small amount of shampoo over the hairpiece then rinse out with water. 

When washing topper hair extensions, you SHOULDN’T:

– Rub or pull your hairpiece because it can cause tangling and shedding problems.

– If you have wavy hair topper, do not brush it before washing. If you brush it without conditioner, the hair will rough and ruffle quickly.

1.3. Air-dry the topper as much as possible.

Air-drying is better for your hair overall. This drying method can be convenient and can prevent long-term damage due to heat-styling as well. 

Topper Hair Extensions Maintenance - The Right Way To Take Care
it’s better to let the topper air-dry

Use a blower at the lowest heating level to dry is possible. Let blow-dry your hairpiece about 95% and leave the other 5% to dry on its own. Don’t blow-dry your hair completely because it can make your hair dry quickly. To protect your wiglet, apply a thin layer of heat protectant serums before drying. 

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1.4. Don’t brush hair topper extensions when they are wet.

Like your natural hair, don’t pull or brush your hair when it is still wet. It can cause the hairpiece to stretch and permanent damage. Use a wide-tooth comb to brush instead of a regular comb.

1.5. Style your hair topper extensions

Unlike synthetic fibers, real human hair toppers can be dyed, bleached, and styled easily. However, you also shouldn’t excessively style it. 

Topper Hair Extensions Maintenance - The Right Way To Take Care
don’t over-style your hair topper

After the hair system is dry, you can use heated styling tools like curling irons, flat irons, etc. It is excellent to use styling products that are specifically designed for hair toppers. 

1.6. Hair toppers when sleeping

You shouldn’t sleep when wearing the topper as it may result in hair loss, breakage and matting. Having cotton pillowcases when sleeping can help prevent friction and protect your hair from tangling. Or wrap the topper in a silk scarf also helps with the friction. Gently brush your tangles so that hair extension matting won’t occur.

1.7. Store your hair carefully

If you don’t go out, let your natural hair and a topper a break time. Take off your hairpiece and store it on a stand or mannequin head. 

– Make sure the hairpiece is clean and dry before storing it.

Topper Hair Extensions Maintenance - The Right Way To Take Care
store your hair topper carefully

– Never store your hair in direct sunlight or hot areas because they can break down the hair strands.

1.8. Avoid extensive exposure to sunlight or chlorine 

It is important to avoid extensive exposure to sunlight or chlorine from the swimming pool to keep your wiglet intact for a long time. If you have the plan to swim, please take your hairpiece off. You know chlorine can cause significant damage to your hair, it might make it dry for a day or so.

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If you care and maintain properly, a human hair topper can last for 1 year, even up to 3 years.

2. Laylawigs Wholesale Human Hair Topper Vendor.

There are multiple choices of hairpieces when visiting Laylawigs, such as crown topper hair extensions, clip in hair topper extensions, hidden crown topper hair extensions and so on. 

Topper Hair Extensions Maintenance - The Right Way To Take Care
human hair toppers at Laylawigs

We are a renowned human hair topper vendor and always try to help women overcome their hair loss fear. Our hair products are made with love and enthusiasm to completely satisfy the wearers’ request. 

We say no with synthetic fibers, so our topper hair extensions are the best high-quality. It also well balances the naturalness, versatility, and durability. Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair are carefully selected and preserved in the best condition. All cuticles of the hair are alive and kept in the same direction lie your natural locks. You wonder why we do so that. Eliminating the tangling and shedding problems are our answer. 

Feel free to contact us at any time via our hotline (+84) 98 261 44 86 (WhatsApp/ Viber/ Mobile) or email: info@laylahair.com. We are ready to support customers 24/7. Our professional teams will explain any of your questions and give a piece of advice.

Or leave a comment to let us know what you’re thinking.

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