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Marilyn Monroe Hair Tutorial: Why It’s Easy To Fail?

It's harder than you think it might be.

Mention the name Marilyn Monroe, people immediately think about a girl with blonde hair, red lips and a charming smile. She is known for being a beauty legend in the world. Marilyn worked as a famous actress, model, and singer. 

Marilyn Monroe is a revolution. She has changed all prejudices about blonde women at that time and encouraged women to live their life of freedom. Here is some basic information about Marilyn Monroe hair and makeup that you are curious about.

What Do You Know About Marilyn Monroe?

As you know, Marilyn is the blonde bombshell of Hollywood. During her brief life, she experienced many difficult things to become one of the world’s biggest and most powered names in the cinema world. She is a beautiful symbol of all women around the world.

Born in 1926 in California, America, her real name is Norma Jeane Mortenson. She came over a sad and lonely childhood. However, she still grew up and became a legendary woman. Marilyn Monroe is a talented actor. In 1960, she was awarded the Golden Globe Award in the category of the Best Actress for her role in the comedy “Some Like It Hot”. It is also the most successful film in her acting career. That same year, she was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She was a top-billed celeb at that time. Her films helped her gross more than $200 million. Marilyn Monroe was also an active supporter of human rights when racism was widespread in the US.

Marilyn Monroe Hair Tutorial: Why It's Easy To Fail? | Lewigs
Marilyn Monroe

However, her brief life finished in 1962 when she was found dead in her bed. The autopsy report released showing that she died from a drug overdose. There have been many speculations down through the years, around her dead. Some think that Marilyn Monroe may be murdered or died in suspicious circumstances. 

Why do people call Marilyn Monroe as the blonde bombshell? It is her signature hair. She was outstanding in the mass due to her charm and beauty. She also tried wearing many hair colors, and all of them are excellent. From brown to dark shades, short to long hair. 

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Marilyn Monroe Hairstyles

Marilyn Monroe was reborn when she dyed her natural brown hair into a platinum blonde. She soon became the girl of many gentlemen’s dreams. Many people said that her appeal is still unrivaled. Almost women also admire her or want to be at least look like her. Discover some of Marilyn Monroe hair color and styles. 

Marilyn’s short hair

We are impressed by Marilyn Monroe hairstyles for short hair – glamour waves. Being one of her most attractive features, the haircut is a part of Marilyn Monroe’s image. Her glamour waves blonde hair was certainly the most memorable hairstyle of the actress. The waves were large but not too many. The haircut combined well with her red lips and black eyeliner. It was considered the iconic hairstyles from the 1940s, and remain a favorite style even today. 

Marilyn Monroe Hair Tutorial: Why It's Easy To Fail? | Lewigs
Marilyn Monroe short hair

There are many celebs have imitated Marilyn Monroe’s hair like Madonna, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, and so on. They wear the hairstyle to create beautiful and ultra-glam forties look.

Dark hair

You are familiar with the iconic blonde images of the actress. You may not have seen her black hair color before. The images of Marilyn Monroe black hair were taken in 1962, 6 weeks before she died. It is said that she wore dark hair wig that was a popularized style for the First Lady. 

Marilyn Monroe with brown hair

Marilyn Monroe Hair Tutorial: Why It's Easy To Fail? | Lewigs
Marilyn with brown hair

Before becoming a famous actress, Marilyn was a brunette girl. Her real hair color was curly brown hair that blended with elegant eyebrows and white skin. While some said that she had naturally curly red hair. Do you know that she used to wear long hair? Marilyn Monroe long hair was so beautiful. It is said that she had long hair before she became Marilyn Monroe. Through a few leftover photos on the Internet, Norma Jeane had beautiful long brown hair.

Marilyn Monroe Hair Tutorial

How to get modern Marilyn Monroe hair? Now, we will help you create a Marilyn Monroe inspired hair. What you need to style the hair:

– Rattail comb

– Wide-tooth comb

– Small round brush

– Sectioning clips

– Double prong clips

– Hairspray

– Curling iron

Marilyn Monroe Hair Tutorial: Why It's Easy To Fail? | Lewigs
how to make Marilyn Monroe hairstyle

Make sure that you have blonde hair. You can bleach or dye to reach the desired color. Your hair is clean before styling. Now, let’s start learning how to style hair like Marilyn Monroe.

Step 1: Part the hair

Start off with a deep side part, on the left side. You section the top hair with a long clip. On the side, you section 1” wide vertical rows to create volume curls. 

Step 2: Curl the hair on the sides and back

How to curl your hair like Marilyn Monroe? You process 1-inch section curls at medium heat for about 3-5 seconds. You should secure the hair with a double prong clip at the base. Repeat this curling process around the entire side and back of the head. 

Step 3: Curl the top

Section the front away to curl the top. Again section your hair in 1 inch and curl them. Secure the curls on top, but this time roll them sideways and pin them flat to the head. Pin all the top curls behind the front the same way. 

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Step 4: Work in the front

Now, you move to the rest of the hair. Do the same process and curl the front away from the part. Again secure the curls with double prong clips. 

It is very important to allow your hair to completely cool for a few minutes, for the most resilient curls. Don’t take all clips off immediately. 

Step 5: Remove clips

Once the hair has cooled down, carefully take the clips off. Be gentle! Break up the curls. 

Marilyn Monroe Hair Tutorial: Why It's Easy To Fail? | Lewigs
a Marilyn-like hairdo for girl

Step 6: Brush the hair

Brush over your hand to smooth and start shaping the hairline curls into waves. Release the top curls and comb them out sideways to form a soft wave. Use long clips to hold in place, and use hairspray to set this wave. The front wave will be set the same way after being brushed out next. 

Step 7: Adjust the hair

The last step on how to do Marilyn Monroe hair is to make adjustments to the waves with long clips and plenty of hairsprays. 

Finally, you get your desired look – Marilyn Monroe blonde hair. That’s all simple steps on Marilyn Monroe hair how-to, please follow them step-by-step. Getting Marilyn Monroe hair cuts at home is not difficult. The only thing you need is patience.

To Sump Up

The above is the information of Marilyn Monroe hair and how to curl hair like your idol we provide. Whether her hair is blonde or dark, all women around the world admire her. And she is a beauty standard.  

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